Italy Home to Fastest Growing Foreign Diocese of Russian Orthodoxy

The head of the administration for Moscow Patriarchate churches abroad Bishop Anthony of Bogorodsk stated in a recent interview with TASS that the Russian Orthodox Church has nearly 900 parishes in foreign countries, the greatest number of which are in Germany and Italy. While the number of parishes in Germany outnumbers those in Italy, “[t]he […]

New Delhi to get India’s First Russian Orthodox Church

The Indian capital New Delhi is to get its first Russian Orthodox Church soon. The construction of India’s first Russian Orthodox Church will begin as soon as planning approval and financing is settled, the country’s IANS news service quoted a senior Russian diplomat as saying. “A decision will be taken soon to begin construction of […]

India’s First Russian Orthodox Church

The First Russian Orthodox Church in India soon to be built. “A decision will be taken soon to begin construction of the Russian Orthodox Church within our cultural centre. This was the most convenient way of reaching an understanding with the (local) authorities, because no major decision, apart from architectural, will be required,” Sergey Karmalito, […]

Russian Orthodox Church Seeks Land in Delhi

A year after it began to preach from the confines of the Russian embassy in the capital, the Russian Orthodox Church of Russia formally introduced itself to the capital’s Christian fold with a brief ceremony this weekend. The Church, which does not have space to conduct services in the country, has moved the government to […]

Russia’s Orthodox Church Teaching Teenagers Parkour

by Lucy Ash The Russian Orthodox Church has come under fire following recent stories about church officials being involved in drink-driving and road rage attacks. But it also provides valuable public services – including helping wayward teenagers get back on track via a risky urban sport. My stomach lurches. The young man in front of […]