From Personal Crisis to Orthodox Christian

by Diana Lindsay Chapdelaine The beginning of my journey came from my Greek American grandmother, who was born in Greece and emigrated to the United States when she was fifteen. She had an icon of St. Pantelemon in her bedroom which my grandfather had brought from a monastery in Greece when he served there during World War Two. I was always drawn to it and inherited it when she passed away. I was baptized in the Episcopal Church as my father was and my mother was brought up in the Episcopal church as well as there were no Orthodox churches in the town in which she grew up. We were 'C and E Christians,' and sometimes not even that. I was … [Read more...]

Evgenia’s Journey to Orthodoxy

Lest we forget, there are many souls alive today who lived during the Communist oppression of Christianity, and Orthodox was the principle victim, but in so suffering showed the indestructibility of the Church, and the pernicious quality of the Gospel even in persecution! by Evgenia I was born in communist Bulgaria in the late sixties of twentieth century, and this is the story of my journey to Orthodoxy. My hometown is in the country's west and it was a stronhold of the comminist party. My hometown had a church buld in 18th century. It wasn't demolished, but only old ladies would go to church without anybody giving them a hard time. My … [Read more...]

My Orthodox Journey

by Alison CloonanI was not baptized in the Orthodox Church when I converted from Protestantism.This has become a subject of intense controversy, but fortunately for me it was not when I received the Chrism of the Holy Spirit into the Orthodox faith twenty years ago. And even today I would not change my mind, because my baptism is a part of my spiritual story.Born in the late 1950s, I grew up and came of age in the late 1960s and early ‘70s and was raised in a non-denominational Protestant church. I was not Methodist, Calvinist, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Brethren, Presbyterian, Catholic, or even Baptist. We had no set dogma. We had no creed. The … [Read more...]

Never Say “Never” To Jesus: Part Two

Part two  of why, no matter how varied, demonic, or resistant your background, you should never say 'NEVER' to HannahWell, after a couple of years of God sending people, I finally surrendered my life to him and joined a Protestant Church. To be honest at first it was our of fear from the demons that were tormenting me. I knew from my dreams that they were scared of Christ. Not for a while did I really began to love and trust him. Just playing hymns calmed our spirits, my son's nightmares stopped and I began to believe I could really be healed and not just have band aids patching me up. Well, I was still full of unclean spirits, the … [Read more...]