Evgenia’s Journey to Orthodoxy

Lest we forget, there are many souls alive today who lived during the Communist oppression of Christianity, and Orthodox was the principle victim, but in so suffering showed the indestructibility of the Church, and the pernicious quality of the Gospel even in persecution! by Evgenia I was born in communist Bulgaria in the late sixties of twentieth century, and this is the story of my journey to Orthodoxy. My hometown is in the country's west and it was a stronhold of the comminist party. My hometown had a church buld in 18th century. It wasn't demolished, but only old ladies would go to church without anybody giving them a hard time. My … [Read more...]

“I Personally Testify to the Truth of the Orthodox Faith”

by VasiliosThis came to us as a comment to our article "Why I Became Orthodox: A Personal Story and Testimony" by Lance Goldsberry. It was so nice, that we asked Vasilios for permission to publish it as a separate article, and here it is.I personally testify to the truth of the Greek orthodox faith. It would be an honour to share my experience…I was born and baptised in a Greek orthodox church. I lived my life for the first 15 years identifying as an orthodox christian, but my thoughts and interests were almost wholly secular and I had never read my Bible. I wanted to live life to the fullest, have as much fun as possible, and retire with … [Read more...]

From the Church of Christ to the Orthodox Church: Part 1

by David Scott KlajicScott's journey took him from Orthodoxy to the Church of Christ, to Presbyterianism, to Eastern (Byzantine) Catholicism, to Roman Catholicism right back into the arms of the Orthodox Church. In 2015, I “converted” to Orthodoxy, at 43 years old.At the time, I had recently returned from my second deployment (I am an army officer) and had reached the final step in a journey that took, I guess, the entire previous 43 years.  I was married, had 4 children, and a basically stable life. How did I get here?BackgroundMy father was a Yugoslavian national of Serbian descent who defected from the Tito regime in 1958. He was Serbian … [Read more...]

A Filmmaker’s Return to Faith

From The Blaze Like most of his friends growing up in what used to be Yugoslavia, Goran Radovanovic was raised a communist. But at the age of 40, the Serbian film director felt the inexplicable urge to be baptized a Christian and thus return to the Orthodox Christian roots of his grandparents. “I felt this necessity to live a spiritual life, because I only had an emotional life and physical life, not spiritual and it was missing. … I needed it desperately like water, this spiritual life,” Radovanovic recalled. Connecting with his family’s Christian past was one of the drives that guided him to write and direct “Enclave,” a film that … [Read more...]