The Apostolic Mission of Journey To Orthodoxy

The work of Journey To Orthodoxy is apostolic in its scope and mission. We rely on the Lord, and you, our fellow Christians, to supply what it needed for us to reach out, be available and be ready to meet, correspond, talk, chat and email with the multitude of souls searching for the True Faith and the True Church. You can help.

To be honest, we’re busy, often several hours per day AND night, with correspondence, emails, requests, and chat sessions from all over the world. This is not an official ministry of any Church body or parish. We receive no financial support from anyone but YOU, our donors and members. We are independent and happy to fill in the gaps which are often gaping holes in Orthodox missionary outreach.

I know many of you refer our stories on Facebook, email articles, refer friends and inquirers to Journey To Orthodoxy, making it easier for us to make that critical contact with the seeking soul. Thanks to your work in spreading the news about JTO, we have heard, just in the last few months, from inquirers all over the United States, as well as


Rural Canada

New Zealand

South Africa,
and many more.

Unlike other organizations, we get no official church, parish, or foundation support. All our support comes from YOU, and we do more and reach farther with the tiny support we get than any other ministry. We work very hard to do much more with much less than anyone else!

We expect you to give tithes and offerings to your home parish – we expect that, which is why we ask so little of each person. Every reader, every subscriber can afford to help, even after their tithes and parish offerings. That is what we are asking of you, today.


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