Why Would a Protestant Convert to Eastern Orthodox Christianity?

by Ben Cabe Why would a Protestant Christian convert to Eastern Orthodox Christianity? Such a question cannot be answered through the use of dogmatic assertions or theoretical musings. For such a question presupposes a particular person’s journey of faith. And such a journey can only be spoken of from experience.* Similarly, Christianity at its core is an encounter with Christ—a relationship—not a formal set of dogmas. It is not my aim to embark on the process of comparative religion. The journey I wish to take you on is my own: how a nominal Protestant Christian, and his family, found the fulness of Christ in the Eastern Orthodox … [Read more...]

Church As Place Of Mystery And Revelation

By Rod Dreher Today in our mission parish, St. John the Theologian, we had our first infant baptism. It was a beautiful, rich ceremony. That’s my wife Julie on the far left; she is Baby Anna Rose’s godmother. Anna Rose’s mom is in the center. After the liturgy, we all retired to the church hall to have refreshments (remind me to post sometime Julie’s recipe for Meyer lemon buttermilk pudding cake). We had a friendly Protestant visitor from Baton Rouge up this morning, checking out how the Orthodox have church, and a couple of us ended up in a pleasant theological discussion with him. We got to talking at one point about whether or not it … [Read more...]

OrthodoxHistory.org: Author & Hollywood screenwriter Elliot Paul converts to Orthodoxy

On March 5, 1958, the New York Times ran the following article: AUTHOR ADOPTS FAITH Elliot Paul, in Hospital, Joins Greek Orthodox Church PROVIDENCE, R.I., March 4 (AP) — Elliot Paul, author, became a member of the Greek Eastern Orthodox Church today in bedside ceremonies at the Veterans Administration Hospital here. Mr. Paul is seriously ill with arteriosclerosis and heart disease. When he entered the hospital a few weeks ago, he listed his religion as “agnostic.” He was born in Malden, Mass., a member of a Congregational family. The 68-year-old author said his desire for conversion came from his admiration for Greek Orthodox … [Read more...]

Wall Street Broker Dons Cassock & Sandals

A former Wall Street broker has swapped Manhattan for a monastery in Bulgaria to become an Orthodox monk. Hristo Mishkov, 32, had a successful career as a broker on the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York until he decided to give it all up to return to his native Bulgaria. Exchanging tailored suits and expensive shoes for a cassock and sandals, Brother Nikanor, as he is now known, believes Wall Street and the City deserve all they get as the credit crunch bites deeper and the global financial system goes into meltdown. "It is right to see people who consume more than they deserve shattered by a financial crisis from time to time, to … [Read more...]