From the Church of Christ to the Orthodox Church: Part 5

by David Scott Klajic Searching for Orthodoxy After I got back from my second deployment, we had a series of awkward conversations with the RC priest where were worshipping. When he informed me that I needed to “re-do” my conversion, I think he expected me to jump right on it. Instead, I basically said “um, no […]

From the Church of Christ to the Orthodox Church: Part 1

by David Scott Klajic Scott’s journey took him from Orthodoxy to the Church of Christ, to Presbyterianism, to Eastern (Byzantine) Catholicism, to Roman Catholicism right back into the arms of the Orthodox Church.  In 2015, I “converted” to Orthodoxy, at 43 years old. At the time, I had recently returned from my second deployment (I am an […]

The Difference Between Orthodox Spirituality and Other Traditions

Orthodox spirituality differs distinctly from any other “spirituality” of an eastern or western type. There can be no confusion among the various spiritualities, because Orthodox spirituality is God-centered, whereas all others are man-centered. by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos The difference appears primarily in the doctrinal teaching. For this reason we put “Orthodox” before the word “Church” […]

A Catholic Hermit Converted To Orthodoxy

By Konstantin Matsan Translated by Olga Lissenkova, Edited by Yana Samuel and Isaac (Gerald) Herrin A well-known theologian, hieromonk Gabriel Bunge, rarely gives interviews. He leads a hermit’s life in a small skete in Switzerland, never uses the Internet, and the only means of communication with him is the telephone. The latter works as the […]

A Jesuit Missionary’s Journey To Orthodoxy

by Fr. Leo Arrowsmith The Society of Jesus was my spiritual home for 24 years. 13 of those years were as a Jesuit missionary in Japan. Only after returning to the US and leaving the Jesuits to marry Denise Mason did I finally come into contact with Orthodoxy. It all started in my prayer closet […]

Addressing Some Questions

Part Five from the “Becoming Orthodox” blog. My friend Connie left the following comment and I thought I would address with a whole new post: I thought venerating icons meant kissing them? I don’t know, to me, Greek orthodoxy looks a lot like Catholicism by a different name and using different vocabulary. I am going […]

My Conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy

As was St. Vladimir over a thousand years ago, I found myself deeply moved by the beauty and reverence of the Orthodox liturgy. The focus of the liturgy is quite clearly the worship of the awesome Creator before whom we stand in humble supplication, asking His mercy upon us. This was often in sharp contrast with the mood (though, to be fair, not necessarily with the theological understanding) of most Protestant church services which I had attended over the years where the latest programs (or fads) or preferences of the local minister too often dictated the format and style of the service.