Number of Orthodox Increase, Catholics Decrease in Central, Eastern Europe

The majority of residents of Central and Eastern Europe are Orthodox Christians, their numbers increasing while those of Catholics have been decreasing, according to new findings of the Pew Research Center. Overall, about 57% consider themselves Orthodox, including residents of ten countries with an Orthodox majority, including Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Belarus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Georgia, and […]

From the Church of Christ to the Orthodox Church: Part 5

by David Scott Klajic Searching for Orthodoxy After I got back from my second deployment, we had a series of awkward conversations with the RC priest where were worshipping. When he informed me that I needed to “re-do” my conversion, I think he expected me to jump right on it. Instead, I basically said “um, no […]

From the Church of Christ to the Orthodox Church: Part 4

by David Scott Klajic One More Deployment Shortly after, I was deployed again for six months. I attended Catholic mass (they had no Eastern Catholic presence there) and tried my best to be a part of the congregation. During Pascha, a navy Orthodox chaplain came to visit and I asked the Catholic priest there if it […]

From the Church of Christ to the Orthodox Church: Part 3

by David Scott Klajic Get an Annulment? The Presbyterian Church we had been attending proved to be too far for us and our little growing family. So, although it freaked me out, my wife asked me if I was OK with attending at the local Catholic Church. I was in another faith waning slump, so I […]

From the Church of Christ to the Orthodox Church: Part 2

by David Scott Klajic Divorce, the Army and a Decade in the Spiritual Wilderness As mentioned earlier, I spent two years in graduate school, learning Christian counseling. I was married to my first wife at the time, another lifelong Church of Christ member. Toward the end of my time in the seminary, I had approached the […]

From the Church of Christ to the Orthodox Church: Part 1

by David Scott Klajic Scott’s journey took him from Orthodoxy to the Church of Christ, to Presbyterianism, to Eastern (Byzantine) Catholicism, to Roman Catholicism right back into the arms of the Orthodox Church.  In 2015, I “converted” to Orthodoxy, at 43 years old. At the time, I had recently returned from my second deployment (I am an […]

My Journey Into The Orthodox Church

Back in January, I was baptized and chrismated into membership of the Orthodox Church in Kenya. Much of my life seems like a blur ever since. Prior to that, I tried to make sense of what was happening to me and why I was moving in that direction by writing out a narrative of that […]

From Emerging Church To Eastern Orthodoxy: Part 3

by Jason Zahariades As the last five years have passed, Debbie and I concluded that our family needed something more than our home church. While we love our home group and have no desire to end the friendships, fellowship and discussions, we needed some sort of time-tested faith-community that would train us to into the […]

From Emergent Church To Eastern Orthodox: Part 2

by Jason Zahariades So we left the evangelical church. Several of us began meeting at Mark and Barbara’s home. Mark and I, disillusioned by the consumerist model of church, desired to create a new kind of community. We wanted this community to be organic, not requiring a building or staff. We wanted this community to […]

From Emergent Church To Eastern Orthodox: Part 1

by Jason Zahariades I’ve always been searching, even when I didn’t have words to express what I was looking for. Meeting Jesus and becoming his apprentice answered the deepest parts of my questing heart. And following God’s calling into professional ministry for over fourteen years provided wonderful opportunities to fulfill that search. Yet through it […]