Christmas Cards from Revelation

Last year I made up these Christmas Cards based on a verse from the book of Revelation. Last year, I sold out of the ones I had made within hours. This year, we are offering them to those who support Journey To Orthodoxy. It's my Revelation Christmas Card! This is a reference to a sermon I once gave long ago, and ever referenced later in another called "Why the Wilderness?". Here is an excerpt of it: There is one other place where the wilderness is mentioned, and with great significance. One more place. That is in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 12, v. 6. This verse is significant, I believe, in that this is what the Incarnation looked … [Read more...]

“The People Bring Much More…”

The household of God is generous.  Whether in the Old Testament, or in the New, we see in Scripture that those believers honored God above and beyond their means. They met and surpassed the needs of the Temple and of the Church. Tithes and offerings are what keep the Churches full, and the people cared for. We're called to give sacrificially. That's the Christian way.  We are called to be generous in every way—even when we feel weak and needy ourselves. We should extend things such as respect, time, expertise, comfort, material goods, and friendship. The Bible tells us that "A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will … [Read more...]

Amazing Miracles That Communism Couldn’t Stop

God survived in Russia. Communism did not. by Patti Armstrong Communist governments don’t like religion. They are not even too fond of their own people. Death comes easily and frequently to their citizens. The global communist body count is estimated to be over 149,469,000 citizens killed or starved to death by their own governments since 1918. That tally does not even include victims of war. On paper, communism is supposed to be a utopia. An equal share and equal opportunity for everyone! The caveat is that the state has to be in control. People can’t be trusted and neither can God. Especially God. It’s a given that the Church will be … [Read more...]

The Word “Atonement”

by Fr. Patrick Henry ReardonIn this new video by Theoria , Fr. Pat explains why the word Atonement doesn’t appear much in Orthodox theology, and how we should be using it, and not using it.From Theoria  Atonement … [Read more...]