Growing the Lancaster Orthodox Mission

by Diane M. Bitting When Kim Krawizcki joined Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church four years ago, the first question people asked her was, “Why are you joining the Greek church?” Krawizcki, whose ethnic background is Ukrainian, was raised Roman Catholic and later tried different denominations. Then, being “unhappy spiritually,” she looked deeper into Orthodoxy and was […]

I Will Protect My Parishioners, No Matter What

Interview with Schema-Hegumen Nektariy Haji-Petropoulos, abbot of Holy Trinity Skete in Mexico City This is an excellent article on a Greek hieromonk serving mostly Russians in Mexico City! That is real Orthodox Christianity. Abbot Nektariy Haji-Petropoulos is an historic figure in the modern Russian Orthodox Church, say the parishioners of Holy Trinity Skete in Mexico […]

Defensive Anchor Walks A Spiritual Path

Steelers safety Troy Polamalu opened his red leather-bound playbook to a dog-eared page. “The life of a man hangs by a hair,” he began reading in a voice as soft as falling snow. “At every step our life hangs in the balance.” It was three days before the Steelers’ A.F.C. divisional playoff game against the […]

An Interview with Troy Polamalu

The Mane Man By Gina Mazza Pittsburgh Magazine, August 2009 Football is a given: How was this year’s Super Bowl experience versus XL? Tomlin versus Cowher? Goals for the coming season? Fatherhood is new in Polamalu’s life since the birth of his son, Paisios, named after a beloved contemporary Greek Orthodox monastic, Elder Paisios, on […]

The Father Of Lights

He said “But I’m going to kill you!” I said “In a minute, there’s plenty of time. You can do it when we’ve finished our game of backgammon.”