From Personal Crisis to Orthodox Christian

by Diana Lindsay Chapdelaine The beginning of my journey came from my Greek American grandmother, who was born in Greece and emigrated to the United States when she was fifteen. She had an icon of St. Pantelemon in her bedroom which my grandfather had brought from a monastery in Greece when he served there during […]

Devotion to Orthodox History leads Malaysian Priest to Mount Carmel

by Julie Hagenbuch A passion for church history can lead a Christian to wade knee-deep in the River Jordan, stand beneath Juan Diego’s cloak at the Basilica de Guadalupe in Mexico City or take communion at the Vatican in Rome. For Father John Edward, a lifelong commitment to Christian history led him right to St. […]

From Episcopalian Priest to Orthodox Priest

From 2012 – how did I miss this? by Greg Garrison Since the Rev. Ernesto Obregon switched denominations, he now can pinpoint the key differences in reli­gious practices between Episco­palians and Greek Orthodox. For one thing, the Greek Orthodox have a lot more incense. It’s dispensed in clouds of smoke at every service through a […]

An Interview with Fr. William Olnhausen

by Predrag Rudovic Father William Olnhausen is Orthodox priest who converted to Orthodoxy from the Episcopal Church, by a miracle of St. Nicholas. Why he decided to do that, what did he found in Orthodoxy and did not have before and what are differences between Western and Eastern Christianity, you will discover in this interview.   […]

Orthodoxy: What I Was Born For – Part 3

by Anastasia & Joseph Guiliani This is the conversion story from ocultism in the Jehovah’s Witnesses  to Orthodoxy, and it is not a light read. The account presented here has been edited, but reader discretion is advised. This is a strong story. We are grateful for Ravyn Anastasia and Lee Joseph for permitting us to publish it. A […]

A Letter To Episcopalians

As a former Episcopalian myself, I remember reading this letter the first time with inspiration. As the Anglican communion falls farther and farther into apostasy, we offer hope for those souls seeking the faith ‘once and for all delivered to the saints.’ I hope you find it enlightening and valuable. To My Beloved Clergy and […]

The Ancient Path

by Chris and Randy Shatto Glory to Jesus Christ! I’d like to start by quoting St. Paul, “Therefore brethren, stand fast and hold the traditions by which you were taught, whether by word or our epistle”  2 Thessalonians 2:15 Chris and I weren’t really familiar with this scripture when we began our journey to Orthodoxy, […]

Orthodoxy For Anglicans

by Fr. Geoffrey Korz I was born and raised a proud Anglican. For generations, my family were patrons of churches, ardent monarchists, and defenders of all things English and Christian. So why did I leave Anglicanism nearly two decades ago, to travel a slow but sure path to the historic, Orthodox Church? Years ago, my […]

The Tower of Christendom

by Robert Easter This may be best left with the reader to decide. Nearly five years ago I arrived at Seminary to discover, having been out of country, that my own church was in the process of flying apart like a hot grenade. My attempts to hold on to a friendly fragment of the remnants […]

On The Sunday Before Ash Wednesday

by the Tregarthen Family Our conversion to Orthodoxy began in about 1997, when my wife met Tristram Englehardt, Jr. at a conference… He was there because of his position in the Department of Philosophy at Baylor. Tris is also a surgeon and a member of the medical school faculty at Baylor. In addition to all […]