Mass Orthodox Baptism in Congo

From 29th August to 17in held the Seminary Synaxis of Orthodox Church priests, the Holy Metropolis of Central Africa. The congregation took place at the premises of missionary Kanagka Centre in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There were issues recommendations, until now examined the course of missionary effort and the pastoral care of the people. The Holy Synaxis gave attention to the problems and difficulties faced by priests and mission in the work of evangelization of Congo, and several solutions were proposed. The older priests reported their experiences and gave appropriate advice to their juniors. Etonisthi the contribution … [Read more...]

45 Baptized in Pointe-Noire, Congo

On the morning of 24 December 2014, His Grace Panteleimon Bishop of Congo-Brazzaville and Gabon performed the baptisms of forty-five newly enlightened Congolese of all ages, coming from the three Parish Communities in Pointe-Noire, in the outdoor baptistery in the Holy Cathedral Church of St. Dimitrios, which is under construction in the city. Addressing the newly baptised brothers and sisters, His Grace interpreted the theological meaning of the Sacrament of Holy Baptism and expressed the joy of the local Church on their enrollment therein, urging them all to become faithful, pious and honourable members of the Church. Immediately … [Read more...]

Orthodoxy In The Congo: Part 1

We Are Going To Live In Paradise In Greece, Road to Emmaus staff interviewed Fr. Theotimos Tsalas, a Congolese Orthodox priest and spiritual son of Fr. Cosmas Aslanidis of Grigoriou Monastery, the “Apostle to Zaire.” Now serving at St. Thomas the Apostle Orthodox Church in Athens, Fr. Theotimos draws a vivid picture of sub-Saharan spirituality and the growth of Orthodoxy in central Africa. RTE: Father Theotimos, will you begin by tracing the early history of Christianity in Africa? FR. THEOTIMOS: First of all, no one doubts that Christ walked in the flesh in Mesopotamia and in Egypt, on the continent of Africa. Only these two continents. … [Read more...]