Chinese Man Travels Thousands of Miles to be Baptized

Another adult Baptism recently took place on the banks of the Haliacmon River, the longest river contained entirely in Greece, flowing 185 miles through the Greek regions of West Macedonia and Central Macedonia, reports Romfea. This time the new convert traveled thousands of miles from far away China to be baptized at the humble Monastery of the Virgin Kallipetras, in Veria, in northern Greece. The monastery is a male coenobium, dating back to at least 1100 AD. The name of the monastery is connected with a huge rocky column nearby, known as “Kallipetra.” St. Gregory Palamas is among the many saints who have lived and struggled there. The … [Read more...]

Called To Serve: Chinese Edition Now Available!

It's finally here! Called To Serve: A Basic Bible Survey For Orthodox Christians is finally available in Chinese, translated by Bede Siaw Hong Phan, in paperback workbook or as an Ebook (PDF) delivered right to your inbox. This is the only Bible survey workbook of the Holy Scriptures containing all of the books of the Orthodox Christian Bible and it is now available in the Chinese language. Purchase a Paperback copy by clicking HERE. Purchase the Ebook in PDF format by clicking HERE. For Chinese language speakers who are interested in the Biblical view and content of the Holy Scriptures, no longer will the Bible be an intimidating mass of … [Read more...]

Why A Chinese Buddhist Became an Orthodox Athonite Monk

by Fr. Libyos On my last trip to Mount Athos I visited the Monastery of Simonopetra. It is a majestic monastery and the sky was fully blue. There I met a graceful novice monk from China. In truth, he surprised me by his presence. An Orthodox rason on a Chinese man? I was moved somewhat. I had never seen this before up close, only in pictures of missions. An inheritor of a great cultural tradition and for him to embrace Christianity? My friends and I got curious to ask him about this. "Brother, how did you, a Chinese man, embrace Orthodox Christian monasticism coming from such a great cultural tradition? Were you a … [Read more...]

Chinese Students Convert To Orthodoxy

Chinese students living in Vladivostok increasingly convert to the Orthodox faith, undergo the sacrament of baptism and become regular parishioners of Vladivostok temples, informs ITERATES citing the press-service of the Vladivostok-Primers diocese The latest converts to Orthodoxy were two girls from Beijing. Together with baptismal crosses they received Orthodox names - Fatima and Hope. Fatima teaches the Chinese language to Russian students in Vladivostok, while Hope studies Russian at the Far East State University. Before baptism they diligently studied the Catechism. Now they become more and more familiar with the essence of … [Read more...]