Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends and Supporters of JTO, Christ is Born! Glorify Him! Our hope and prayer today is that the Lord Jesus Christ will grant you every good thing - peace, health, joy, wellness for your family, success in study for your children, and family unity - on this, the feast of His birth. We pray that Journey To Orthodoxy may also continue to offer you, and others seeking the Orthodox Christian faith, the kind of stories, news and articles that will help, guide and inspire those seeking the Light of Christ. Be sure to attend the Orthodox services nearest you and gather together with fellow Orthodox Christians during the days of this … [Read more...]

My Journey To Orthodoxy

by Kevin Allen Kevin is the award winning host of the radio program "The Illumined Heart," and won the Best Podcast/Internet Radio Show once again! Congratulations Kevin on a well deserved award. For you, our JTO readers, we offer Kevin's own conversion story. Enjoy! I began my spiritual journey in eastern religion – specifically Hinduism. Colleen was raised a traditional, pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic, and went to Catholic parochial schools from kindergarten to high school. Colleen’s spirituality was formed as a Roman Catholic and she barely knew the word “Hindu” until we met. Our backgrounds could not have been more different. I … [Read more...]

Keep JTO Reaching Out

Since going live just a few months ago, Journey To Orthodoxy has reached thousands seeking the Orthodox faith from all over the world. We're looking for Pathfinders, Trailblazers, Champions & Heralds to help us keep JTO flying high on the internet. Even in these tough and uncertain times, a multitude are seeking the faith "Once and for all delivered to the saints." Therefore, we are offering these gifts for those who take a step forward in supporting JTO this holiday season. Pathfinder: $100 or more This quality JTO mug. Sure, it's just another mug, but it is our humble way of saying thanks. The JTO logo is … [Read more...]

Contemporary Orthodox Turks

A Conversation with two Orthodox Turks, Achmet and Nejla In Turkey, which is the canonical territory of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, there are very few Greek parishioners left. The Orthodox community has been supplemented to some degree by Russians who have taken up permanent residence there. However, there are also some Turks who have become Orthodox in the Patriarchate. Lately their numbers have grown. Orthodox literature is being printed for them in Turkish, and articles about the newly-converted are being published. Achmet and Nejla are two of the thousand or so Turks who have changed their faith; and unlike others, … [Read more...]