How I Became An Orthodox Christian

By Alana of "Morning Coffee"Blog I wrote this almost two years ago, and everything is still true. I love being an Orthodox Christian, and I deeply love the Church. Here's my story, for new blog readers who may not have read all the old archives: Here's the question: Hi there. If you don't mind me did you come to be Orthodox? I am currently reading a book called The Way, and am enjoying it quite a bit! --abundanceinsimplicity Here's the answer: … [Read more...]

“Now You Know You Are Ready For Baptism”

by Gerasimos Letts I am sure it is fair to say that a person wishing to be baptised into the Orthodox Church will know when the time is right rather than having the decision made for them when they really don't feel they are ready. Different people have different ways of knowing when the baptism should be undertaken and I would like to take this opportunity of sharing the events which led to my becoming Orthodox. To start with, I should explain that I had not been 'christened' by the Anglican Church, though as a young child I did attend Sunday School and enjoyed hymns and carols throughout my school years. … [Read more...]

The Father Of Lights

By Constantine Georgiades A team of 120 members of the London Robbery Squad arrested me, my builder and electrician in Devon on 17th April 1991. I had to strip, put on white paper suit and wait in a cold empty cell for 3 days and then I was charged with various conspiracy offenses and remanded in custody at Exeter Prison. I had often driven past the prison and had never considered that one day I might be a guest of Her Majesty! As an ex-policeman, I was warned to ask for the '43's' by the escorting officer, but I really hadn't understood what that meant. A mistake had been made and I felt sure that it was only a matter of time before I … [Read more...]