Deep Roots In Fresh Soil

Orthodox Christianity Comes To Erie, Colorado 250-member St. Luke grew from tiny Lafayette church established nearly two decades ago By John Aguilar The building is brand-new, the land never before scraped, but the site in Erie where St. Luke Orthodox Christian Church now sits has roots going back nearly two millennia. A vivid, larger than life-size image of the Virgin Mary, accompanied by a young Jesus, stretches her arms out above the altar. The Messiah — surrounded by painted prophets — gazes down from the dome inside the church's temple, which is adorned with Byzantine arches and columns. There's no organ here — … [Read more...]

Ancient Rhythm

By Robin Galiano Russell Converts to Orthodoxy are drawn by its unchanging nature, aesthetic beauty and spiritual mystery Orthodox churchgoers line up at the end of service to kiss the cross being held by Father David Hovik in Arlington, Wash. After six months of catechism studies, Hovik and 104 members of the independent Grace Community Church converted to Eastern Orthodoxy and became the St. Andrew Antiochian Orthodox Church. Meg Robinson lights a candle for her uncle and grandparents before service at St. Andrews Church in Arlington, Wash. The Eastern Orthodox Church, as far removed from a nondenominational or evangelical … [Read more...]

The Catechumens of Lewistown, MD

On the evening of April 10, 2009, the Eve of Lazarus Saturday and the Feast of St. Leo of Rome, twenty-six catechumens from the newly formed St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church in Lewistown, Maryland were chrismated and received into the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America at Ss. Peter and Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church in Potomac, Maryland. The chrismations were conducted by the group’s catechists, including Fathers Nicholas Alford, Patrick Cardine, and Alban Waggener, as well as by the new mission’s interim priest, Father Peter Jacobsen. … [Read more...]

Renowned Protestant Pastor Converts His Community to Orthodoxy

Irkutsk, 5 April 2010, Interfax – Pastor Igor Zyryanov from the Irkutsk Region, after 18 years of working at Protestant meetings and two years of pastoral missionary work, converted to Orthodoxy together with his family and community. “It wasn’t easy for us, but now and in the future we will further study and follow the Lord on the Orthodox thousand-year path. But the most important is that now we enjoy plenitude as I was searching for 18 years and couldn’t find, was drinking but couldn’t quench my thirst, was eating but couldn’t satisfy hunger,” Zyryanov writes in his article “The Lord Took Me Home!” published at the Irkutsk … [Read more...]