“Our Ancestors Were Orthodox”

The story of a Kabardian, former Muslim Another interview by Fr. George Maximov Father George Maximov: Hello! You’re watching My Path To God. Our guest’s name is Mikhail. He is a descendant from one of the nations that are usually associated with the world of Islam, although every Muslim nation in Russia has a Christian page in its history. Mikhail, please tell us where you’re from and how you began your journey to Christianity? Mikhail: Hello, Father George. I was born in Nalchik, the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. I am Kabardian. I spent the first thirteen years of my life in Nalchik. In 1999, we moved to Moscow. Ever since I was … [Read more...]

Eleven Anonymous Turkish Muslims Baptized Orthodox Christians

Eleven Turkish citizens, among them a famous Turkish actor, were baptized in May 2015. The baptism was celebrated by the Metropolitan of Attica. The [original] 13 muslim men and women (between the ages of 30 and 40) were impressed by the beauty of the Orthodox monuments of the island [of Chios], and on their return to Turkey, they decided to read and generally learn about Orthodox Christianity. This led to them asking a priest to undertake their catechism with the intention of converting to the Orthodox religion. The clergyman, with the blessing of the Metropolitan of Chios, invited a veteran priest from Attica with whom the muslims … [Read more...]

Muslim Economist of Noble Lineage Baptized Orthodox Christian in Montenegro

Dr. Mahmud Busatlija, a prominent economist in the capital of Serbia and of noble lineage, who was a Muslim, was baptized Orthodox Christian, according to Serbian sources, 500 years after his ancestors converted to Islam. "I returned to the roots of my ancestors, 500 years ago, when they became Muslim in the Ottoman Empire. I do not think it strange, as I'm simply returning to where I belong", said Busatlija, who is an expert on foreign investment in Serbia. He is the progeny of Stanko Crnojevi? (1457–1528) and Kara Mahmud Bušatlija (died 1796). Ivan I Crnojevi?, Stanko’s father and the Serbian Orthodox ruler in Montenegro, was the founder … [Read more...]

First Orthodox Church in Pakistan Consecrated

On February 6. 2014 the first consecration of an Orthodox Church occured in Lahore, Pakistan. Fr. John Tanveer is the priest who founded and built the parish. Attending the Consecration were: Metr. Konstantinos of Singapore and Fr. Martin Ritzi, Executive Director of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC), who secured an anonymous donation that made the land acquisition and building construction possible. Many Orthodox faithful were in attendance, as well as a number of diplomats from Orthodox countries, and even local Muslim officials. Please support the growing Orthodox Church in Pakistan prayerfully and financially by … [Read more...]