The Orthodox Experience from the British Isles

by Fr. Kyrillos Leret-Aldir On Sunday, January 24th 1999, Fr Kyrillos Leret-Aldir concelebrated with Fr Theoklitos and Deacon Fr Emmanuel the Divine Liturgy at Sts Constantine and Helene, in Perth, Western Australia. Fr Kyrillos visited Perth from the Archbishopric of Thyateira and Great Britain. The following is transcript of an interview with Fr Kyrillos after the Divine Liturgy. Question: Thyateira is not a city in Great Britain, how was the Metropolis named? The Thyateira and Great Britain is an Archbishopric or, in other words, an Archdiocese; it is … [Read more...]

To Convert or Not To Convert?

by Fr. Leonidas No priestly act is of more far-reaching consequence than a conversion to Orthodoxy. It crucially determines for all time the convert's personal status, his marital rights and restrictions as well as his religious allegiance. If a pledge of unqualified loyalty to the Orthodox Church is subsequently betrayed, the result is disastrous, not least for the priest involved, should he have been guilty of an error of judgment in authorising the conversion on insufficient evidence of sincerity. In that event, he is bound to feel some personal responsibility and liability for every violation of Canon Law the convert may commit. For … [Read more...]

The Willard Preacher

by Gary Cattell This is the first hand account of the Gary Cattell, The Willard Preacher, an Orthodox Christian street preacher who preached the Gospel at Pennsylvania State University, in front of Willard Hall. I've been a 'fan' of his for some time, and I'm very happy to be able to publish his story. Growing up in a non-religious home in the shadow of the Pennsylvania State University, religion was not something that I thought much about. My parents did not discourage the exploration of religion, but neither did they encourage it. For me it was pretty much a non-issue until I reached my senior year of high school. Until that … [Read more...]

My Journey To Orthodoxy

by Kevin Allen Kevin is the award winning host of the radio program "The Illumined Heart," and won the Best Podcast/Internet Radio Show once again! Congratulations Kevin on a well deserved award. For you, our JTO readers, we offer Kevin's own conversion story. Enjoy! I began my spiritual journey in eastern religion – specifically Hinduism. Colleen was raised a traditional, pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic, and went to Catholic parochial schools from kindergarten to high school. Colleen’s spirituality was formed as a Roman Catholic and she barely knew the word “Hindu” until we met. Our backgrounds could not have been more different. I … [Read more...]