Another Rastafarian Becomes Orthodox

by Daniel Polson

From early childhood, I was taught to appreciate the Bible. Consequently, I grew with a strong love for our Saviour. So much so that sitting alone one evening after Easter, watching the sky and contemplating “The Robe“, a film I had seen then, I imagined Christ’s face in the clouds. I wept as gruesome scenes from the film of His passion and crucifixion flooded my mind. I was no more than ten years old at the time.

At fifteen, I embraced the Rastafarian Faith, convinced that Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia was Christ returned. In 1986, I became a member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel organisation. The teaching was different however—Christ was revealed in the personality—not the person of the Emperor. Further study of the scripture eventually reconciled me to this teaching.

Later, the Crown Prince of Ethiopia, himself an Orthodox Christian, became a member of the organization. Exiled in the West, he was studying the Rastafarian religion, but in the light of his own beliefs, he planned to establish a church on his return to Ethiopia. He encouraged us to participate in the true Church of God and so began my own research into Church history and the sacraments.

My research led me to many Orthodox websites and ultimately to that of St. Aidan’s, hosted by Fr. Gregory. I had met and spoken briefly with him a few years before while working near the church. When I contacted him, Father Gregory recalled me immediately and accepted my request to attend the upcoming Pascha celebrations. After that, I began to attend services regularly and on the Feast of Pentecost, June 11, 2006, I was received into the Holy Orthodox Church.

I believe I am now better able to help Prince Yacob in his efforts to guide the Rastafari brethren into the true spiritual homeland of the Orthodox Faith.


  1. NORMAN C CARR AKA Umaara says:

    I will be visiting some bodies orthidox temple in Atlanta this weekend.I personally believe that Jesus has a connection with Heru or Horus but he was still a real person.Or maybe the deity Heru and AUSAR of Egypt was a sign of Jesus who was to come.The problem has never been jesus,its the way many used his name for their wicked ends.Hopefully the Orthodox can fix and bring in a new golden age.Hotep,Brothers and Sisters.

  2. Norman,

    Stop reading whatever you’re reading because it obviously is fantasy. I’m happy to hear from you, but if you expect to see Egyptian idol gods in an Orthodox Christian church, you will be disappointed.

    We’ll pray for your enlightenment, and that you have a good experience.

  3. Norman, I’ve been where you are.

    You’ll find that though there seem to be similarities between Egyptian mythology and aspects of Our Lord’s life that Jesus Christ is much, much more than these deities.Some of the symbols and myths could be seen as precursors of Christ, but they never represent equality between Christ and the deities. The ankh has been adopted as a cross in Egypt because it is the symbol of life. It is understood that the life referred to is that of Christ, and not an Egyptian god.

    Christ is our Creator, but the same cannot be said of these deities. The deities only exist as long as you pay attention to them, otherwise they are completely powerless, and nonexistent, whereas Christ was, is and always will be regardless of whether we look to Him or not. He is always good whereas deities have good and negative qualities, and must be placated in order to avoid their wrath. All that they promise is of the earth and not of value to our eternal souls because they are of the earth and not eternity. If they don’t come from God the Father, Jesus the Son,the Word, and The Holy Spirit, then you have to ask yourself who is their maker. Please think about the “benefits”of the gods versus the truth about Jesus Christ.

    Who knows what would have happened if the Egyptians had accepted monotheism like King Ahkenaton desired. And still, Egypt has been blessed to witness to Our Lord’s holy presence. Our Lord spent a few years of his infancy in Egypt.
    Egypt is important in Christianity.Monasticism came primarily out of Egypt and the Middle East. some of the early monasteries are still in use to this day in Egypt.Many saints arose from Africa and contributed to the formulation of Christian doctrine.

    Norman, check out
    You might also benefit from reading Pt.2 of Dallas Dave’s description of spirit worship. I placed a link in the comment box that leads to an interview with an Orthodox priest in Black Africa that is related to this discussion. I’m sure you’re not into animal sacrifices or anything like that, but if you do a bit of research about even the worship of Egyptian deities you’re bound to run into to accounts of encounter a history of animal sacrifices.Tamer aspects of god worship are more palatable to Westerners generally, but the other side of the coin is witnessed in the more dramatic gods worship groups like Voodoo, Candomble, Palo Mayombe and other West African beliefs in gods. Egyptian deities are probably one of the more superior forms of god worship, but it still is not of God and distracts believers away from Christ. All the good that you encounter in the worships of God is a pale reflection of Christ’s goodness since God the Father is the source of all good.
    I really hope you write again and share your experience in Atlanta.

    In Christ,

  4. Norman, a correction, if I may. the following statement is wrong:
    All the good that you encounter in the worships of God is a pale reflection of Christ’s goodness since God the Father is the source of all good.

    I meant to say the : All the good that you encounter in the worships of gods is a pale reflection of Christ’s goodness since God the Father is the source of all good.

  5. Gebre Menfes Kidus says:

    Blessed testimony brother Daniel. Give thanks for sharing!

  6. Samurai Frank Braam says:

    Amen sister!

  7. The blessing of the Lord dear brother..i rejoice with you…we seem to share something similar as we journey towards Orthodoxy…i would love for you to get in contact with me……the peace and grace of our Lord Jesus be with you…

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