The Roots of Jewish Christian Worship by Fr. James Bernstein

Jews for Jesus / Messianic Judaism co-founder James Bernstein speaks on the Roots of Jewish Christian Worship. James was a key figure, leaving New York with Moishe Rosen to the San Fransisco Bay area in 1970, to start a new mission outreach for Jews. James had a jacket embroidered with “Jews for Jesus” and this […]

The General Menaion – for Orthodox Missions!

Support Journey To Orthodoxy and support an Orthodox mission! As you know, Journey To Orthodoxy is all about making a difference in people’s lives, and removing obstacles in the journey to the Orthodox faith. More often than not, we receive calls and emails from inquirers who we refer to a local mission or parish. Sometimes […]

Why Few Disillusioned Anglicans Will Join Orthodoxy

by Fr. Andrew Phillips With four decades of divisive turmoil, you would think that most Anglicans would recognize that by allowing so much liturgical, theological and pastoral nonsense throughout the decades within their gates, they are now the inheritors of a ship which is on the bottom of the ocean.  Sadly, this is not always […]

The Journey To The East

by Thomas Reidman In September of 1990, I enrolled at the Immaculate Conception College Seminary for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre.  Having been raised a Roman Catholic, I felt the calling to study for the priesthood.  I really knew little about many of the specifics of my faith then, and knew virtually nothing […]

My Conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy

As was St. Vladimir over a thousand years ago, I found myself deeply moved by the beauty and reverence of the Orthodox liturgy. The focus of the liturgy is quite clearly the worship of the awesome Creator before whom we stand in humble supplication, asking His mercy upon us. This was often in sharp contrast with the mood (though, to be fair, not necessarily with the theological understanding) of most Protestant church services which I had attended over the years where the latest programs (or fads) or preferences of the local minister too often dictated the format and style of the service.