Armenian Muslims Living in Turkey are Returning to Christianity

Armenian Muslims living in Turkey – descendants of the Christians who embraced Islam – are returning to the faith of their fathers in great numbers, reports the Linga news portal. According to the famous Agos Armenian weekly newspaper published in Istanbul, the cases of conversion of Armenian Muslims to Christianity, which are becoming more frequent, […]

Orthodox Church in West Turkey Opens after 93 years

Miracles still happen! The church of Agios Konstantinos in the town of Menemen in Turkey’s western province of ?zmir opened on Sunday for its first service in 93 years, with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I and Menemen mayor Tahir ?ahin among the attendees. An olive tree was planted on the grounds of the church and doves were […]

Contemporary Orthodox Turks

A Conversation with two Orthodox Turks, Achmet and Nejla In Turkey, which is the canonical territory of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, there are very few Greek parishioners left. The Orthodox community has been supplemented to some degree by Russians who have taken up permanent residence there. However, there are also some Turks who have become […]