A Baptist Preacher Goes to Church: Part 2

by Gordon Atkinson, pastor of Covenant Baptist Church in San Antonio, TX Sunday I went back to Saint Anthony the Great. Jeanene and the girls did other things, which was fine with me because I was wanting to keep my thoughts tuned to my experience and prayer. I love my children, but when they are with me there is always a piece of me that is keeping tabs on them. I was so excited too. Really very happy to be there and hopeful that perhaps the Eternal Creator might have something for his imperfect child to learn that day. Saint Anthony the Great has a coffee and conversation hour after the service, so I planned to stay for that as … [Read more...]

A Baptist Preacher Goes to Church: Part 1

by Gordon Atkinson, pastor of Covenant Baptist Church in San Antonio, TX Not for Lightweights Last Sunday was the 4th of 13 in my sabbatical time. Each of them is precious to me. Each week I am choosing a place and a way to worship. I’m not a church tourist, hoping to see new things. I’m seeking spiritual experiences. I want to worship. Saturday night Jeanene and I still hadn’t decided where to go. I experienced something common to our culture but new to me. The “Where do you want to go to church - I don’t know where do YOU want to go to church” conversation. I found the Saint Anthony the Great website. It's an Orthodox church that … [Read more...]

The Willard Preacher

by Gary Cattell This is the first hand account of the Gary Cattell, The Willard Preacher, an Orthodox Christian street preacher who preached the Gospel at Pennsylvania State University, in front of Willard Hall. I've been a 'fan' of his for some time, and I'm very happy to be able to publish his story. Growing up in a non-religious home in the shadow of the Pennsylvania State University, religion was not something that I thought much about. My parents did not discourage the exploration of religion, but neither did they encourage it. For me it was pretty much a non-issue until I reached my senior year of high school. Until that … [Read more...]

Evangelicals Turn Toward … Orthodoxy

The Conversion of Fr. Wilbur Ellsworth By Jason Zengerle The ministry is a calling, but it is also a career, and, in 1987, a Baptist minister named Wilbur Ellsworth was given the career opportunity of a lifetime. After nearly two decades of pastoring modest congregations in California and Ohio, Ellsworth, at the age of 43, was called to lead the First Baptist Church of Wheaton, Illinois–one of the most prominent evangelical churches in what was then the most prominent evangelical city in the world. Often called the “Evangelical Vatican,” the leafy Chicago suburb is home to Wheaton College–the prestigious evangelical … [Read more...]