My Conversion to Eastern Orthodox Christianity

by Jason Terpack A former Protestant pastor, Jason tells his own story with honesty recounting the journey to Orthodox Christianity he took and what it meant.  Enjoy!       My Conversion to Eastern Orthodox Christianity

The Pastor’s Path to Orthodoxy: Did I Join A Cult?

This post in our series of spouses who become Orthodox without their spouses is for husbands, and interestingly, also for heterodox clergy. This article is from a former Assembly of God pastor who found his way to the Early Church, and behold – discovered that it is Orthodox Christianity. Thank you, Patrick, for allowing us to publish […]

Another Protestant Pastor Embraces Orthodoxy

On Sunday April 17, 2016, Nikita Yeremeyev, former pastor of a Protestant community, was received into Orthodoxy in Kaliningrad, reports the Kaliningrad Diocese’s official website. “My conversion to Orthodoxy from Protestantism is not a mere desertion from the enemy’s army, but rather a result of some sort of evolution of worldview. In Protestantism I became […]

A Pilgrim’s Podvig: Part Six

An Associate Pastor and Pro-Life Activist by Fr. John Whiteford The new Nazarene Church, that I began attending seemed like the ideal I had been looking for. It was started by the initiative of the District Superintendent (who functions a bit like a diocesan bishop) with the intention of attracting people who were inclined to […]

How A Southern Baptist Minister Found His Way To Eastern Orthodoxy

The Story of Pastor Robert Frisby How does a former Southern Baptist minister find his way into the Eastern Orthodox Church? It was a long and winding road for Bob and Laurel Frisby and two of their grandchildren. Bob spent his childhood and early teens without a church to call home. He was what he […]