My Conversion to Eastern Orthodox Christianity

by Jason Terpack A former Protestant pastor, Jason tells his own story with honesty recounting the journey to Orthodox Christianity he took and what it meant.  Enjoy!       My Conversion to Eastern Orthodox Christianity … [Read more...]

The Pastor’s Path to Orthodoxy: Did I Join A Cult?

This post in our series of spouses who become Orthodox without their spouses is for husbands, and interestingly, also for heterodox clergy. This article is from a former Assembly of God pastor who found his way to the Early Church, and behold - discovered that it is Orthodox Christianity. Thank you, Patrick, for allowing us to publish it. By Patrick M. PaceMy religious roots are a woven fabric of periodic religion and secularism. From childhood until twenty, I had cycled in and out of a variety of religious settings, including Oneness Pentecostalism, Trinitarian Pentecostalism, Roman Catholicism, and before I exited my teens, I became an … [Read more...]

Another Protestant Pastor Embraces Orthodoxy

On Sunday April 17, 2016, Nikita Yeremeyev, former pastor of a Protestant community, was received into Orthodoxy in Kaliningrad, reports the Kaliningrad Diocese’s official website.“My conversion to Orthodoxy from Protestantism is not a mere desertion from the enemy’s army, but rather a result of some sort of evolution of worldview. In Protestantism I became acquainted with the Christ of the Gospel. And in Orthodoxy, I have met the Christ Who lives now, in the sacraments of the body of the Church,” the young pastor relates.Nikita Yeremeyev compares Orthodoxy with the promised land:“I would compare my joining of the Protestant community with … [Read more...]

A Pilgrim’s Podvig: Part Six

An Associate Pastor and Pro-Life Activist by Fr. John Whiteford The new Nazarene Church, that I began attending seemed like the ideal I had been looking for. It was started by the initiative of the District Superintendent (who functions a bit like a diocesan bishop) with the intention of attracting people who were inclined to a more “charismatic” environment. It didn’t even have “Nazarene” in its name – it was called simply “The Sonlight Center” – although this had previously been a requirement for every local Nazarene Church. It had a rock band, "Top 40" worship, and an emphasis on the gifts of the Spirit – but it also already had a … [Read more...]