30 years of Orthodox Missionary Ministry

From the Diocese of Nairobi, Kenya, a report on 3 decades of Orthodox missionary ministry in Kenya My dear brothers, Rejoice in the Lord! I am particularly happy and moved to be in touch with you from the missionary Diocese of Kenya, which is located in the eastern part of the African Continent. With God’s […]

A Life Changed By Icons

by Vasily Tomachinsky —Please tell us about your background and your journey to the Orthodox Church. My name is Cliff (Isaac in Orthodox Baptism) Gardner, and this is my background. I was raised in a Protestant Southern Baptist family. We were in the military; my father was in the U.S. Air Force. I have four brothers, […]

Missionary Logic: Too Little, Too Late

by Fr. Barnabas Powell “Jack” was a missionary to Ethiopia providing free education, but his subtler task was to convert the locals from the ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Church to his modern form of American Christianity. There was just one problem. He found himself drawn to the beauty of the faith that the apostles brought to […]

An Evangelical Missionary Smitten With Orthodoxy

After some discussion, I asked him to celebrate a Divine Liturgy in such a way that I could understand it. He took me into the Holy Altar, explained as much as necessary, allowing me to watch every action and hear every prayer. That day, in early May of 1995, I was “smitten” with Orthodoxy.

A Jesuit Missionary’s Journey To Orthodoxy

by Fr. Leo Arrowsmith The Society of Jesus was my spiritual home for 24 years. 13 of those years were as a Jesuit missionary in Japan. Only after returning to the US and leaving the Jesuits to marry Denise Mason did I finally come into contact with Orthodoxy. It all started in my prayer closet […]

The Incredible Story of a Renowned Orthodox Missionary…

The Story of Fr. Maximus Regis Urbanowicz Baptized Roman Catholic, later becoming an Episcopal* priest and missionary, and three years ago having been received with his family into the Holy Orthodox Church, he is a zealous Orthodox missionary and evangelist. Maximus has been involved in various church ministries including Foundation Park –a ministry for the poor, […]

Missionaries for Chinese students in Moscow

The missionary movement associated with Fr Daniil Sysoyev is promoting a number of cultural and religious initiatives among Chinese students in Russia. Fr Sysoyev is the Orthodox Russian Orthodox priest who was shot four times and killed by an unknown gunman in his Moscow church last November. A guided visit to the Monastery of Saint […]