Hebrew Liturgies Resound in Jerusalem

Hebrew Liturgies Resound in Jerusalem! Father Aleksandr Winogradsky Frenkel heads the Hebrew Eastern Orthodox communities in the Holy Land/Israeli society and serves in the Old City of Jerusalem with the blessing of The Rum-Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Since 1841, the Russian Orthodox Church of Jerusalem, before the re-establishment of the Patriarchate of Moscow in 1917, […]

Why Americans Need An All-English Liturgy

by Robert Arakaki In 2007, Christianity Today published an article, “Will the Twenty First Century be the Orthodox Century?“  In it Bradley Nassif argued that Orthodoxy will indeed grow and expand in this coming century.  But in an Again Magazine article, “The Orthodox Christian Opportunity,” Nassif noted although many people are converting to Orthodoxy, significant […]

From First Baptist to the First Century

How could a fire-breathing, radical free-church, “don’t tread on me,” Southern Baptist end up in a liturgical and hierarchical church, especially one so foreign to my Southern/American ethos?

The Journey To The East

by Thomas Reidman In September of 1990, I enrolled at the Immaculate Conception College Seminary for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre.  Having been raised a Roman Catholic, I felt the calling to study for the priesthood.  I really knew little about many of the specifics of my faith then, and knew virtually nothing […]

Evangelicals Turn Toward … Orthodoxy

The Conversion of Fr. Wilbur Ellsworth By Jason Zengerle The ministry is a calling, but it is also a career, and, in 1987, a Baptist minister named Wilbur Ellsworth was given the career opportunity of a lifetime. After nearly two decades of pastoring modest congregations in California and Ohio, Ellsworth, at the age of 43, […]

Taking the Plunge and Attending Liturgy

Part Three from the “Becoming Orthodox” blog. When my husband and I first learned about Orthodoxy we initially brushed it aside as “too Catholic.” We saw pictures of Divine Liturgy at a nearby parish and I told him in an email “Don’t think I could get into this. Maybe I could if I lived in […]

Orthodox Liturgy From the North Pole to the South

The Divine Liturgy celebrated at the North Pole was a victory for our Faith, it was a new Feast of the Triumph of Orthodoxy, and it was an illuminating example of the universality of our Orthodox faith.