The Scottish Abbess of Gethsemane Convent

ABBESS MARY (ROBINSON) OF THE GETHSEMANE CONVENT July 8/21, 1896, Glasgow – November 7, 1969, Gethsemane   Abbess Mary (Robinson). Photo: Gethsemane became one of the first places of the Holy Land to be visited by modern Russian pilgrims. From the tomb of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary people walk up a narrow, steep street. After visiting a Franciscan monastery, where old olive trees of the Garden of Gethsemane that were witnesses of the life of Christ on the earth still grow, Orthodox pilgrims come up to the gate of the “Russian Gethsemane”. It is here that the holy relics of Grand Duchess Elisabeth the New Martyr and … [Read more...]

Hebrew Liturgies Resound in Jerusalem

Hebrew Liturgies Resound in Jerusalem! Father Aleksandr Winogradsky Frenkel heads the Hebrew Eastern Orthodox communities in the Holy Land/Israeli society and serves in the Old City of Jerusalem with the blessing of The Rum-Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Since 1841, the Russian Orthodox Church of Jerusalem, before the re-establishment of the Patriarchate of Moscow in 1917, had launched the prayer in the Hebrew language at Jerusalem. Hebrew is today the official language of the State of Israel and the usual medium for studying the tradition of the Scriptures. Archpriest Alexander Winogradsky Frenkel has been appointed to the … [Read more...]

Russian Patriarch Consecrates Church in Jerusalem A Century After Construction Began

File this one under - we don't give up. Ever. Glory to God for All Things! Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia finally consecrated a Russian cathedral in a Jerusalem suburb on Monday, just over a century after construction began at the site. “Today is a special day for the convent, for the entire Russian Orthodox Church and personally for me,” the patriarch said after holding a liturgy in the Church of All Russian Saints. The foundations for the Church of All Russian Saints in the Gornensky Convent were laid in 1911, but construction was suspended 1914 and only resumed in 2003. The Gornensky Convent is situated in the Jerusalem … [Read more...]