Five Foreign Prisoners in Greece Baptized Orthodox

By Alexander Kalliopoulos After about a year of catechism, five foreign prisoners were baptized Orthodox Christian in the Chapel of Saint Eleutherios in the penitentiary in the industrial area of Patras. Three were Nigerians, one was a Somali, and the other was Albanian. The catechism of the newly-illumined was done by the leading priest of […]

Encountering Andrew – An Orthodox Convert’s Experience with the Relics of an Apostle

by Misty Duke Prior to becoming an Orthodox catechumen I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to look at the bones of a dead man, even if he were a saint. “What benefit is there to looking at that which belongs whole and hidden in a grave awaiting our Savior’s return?” My Protestant mind so […]

Turning to Orthodoxy

“I don’t know what this is,” she told her husband. “But I know I have to come back.”