Five Foreign Prisoners in Greece Baptized Orthodox

By Alexander Kalliopoulos After about a year of catechism, five foreign prisoners were baptized Orthodox Christian in the Chapel of Saint Eleutherios in the penitentiary in the industrial area of Patras. Three were Nigerians, one was a Somali, and the other was Albanian. The catechism of the newly-illumined was done by the leading priest of the prison, Fr. George Chronopoulos, who in recent years has been ministering to our suffering brothers there, along with his tasks of the parish of Saint Nicholas in Sichena. Fr. Gregory Kordas also participated at the Sacrament of Baptism, parish priest of the Church of St. Barbara in Aktaiou in … [Read more...]

Encountering Andrew – An Orthodox Convert’s Experience with the Relics of an Apostle

by Misty Duke Prior to becoming an Orthodox catechumen I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to look at the bones of a dead man, even if he were a saint. “What benefit is there to looking at that which belongs whole and hidden in a grave awaiting our Savior’s return?” My Protestant mind so often questioned.  But, a vacation to Edinburgh , Scotland would change my view of the practice of venerating relics. In the corner of St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Edinburgh, Scotland, is a shrine dedicated to the apostle Andrew. And, in that shrine are an icon of Andrew and two glass cases containing fragments of his bones. I remembered … [Read more...]

Turning to Orthodoxy

by Amy Johnson Frkyholm On the third day of Easter, I stood in front of the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine. With me was a prominent scholar of American religion who was visiting Eastern Europe for the first time. We were watching a priest and his flock process around the cathedral with icons, incense and crosses. "Have you heard that more Americans are becoming Orthodox?" she asked me, smirking slightly. "Smells and bells. One more way to have someone tell you what to do and what to think." Her remarks touched on a question of increasing importance in American Christianity. With trends toward mega-churches and worship as … [Read more...]