The One True God In Ancient China

This was just too good not to pass along. Our God is glorious! This is a glorious presentation! The presenters explain how the stories of Genesis are a part of Chinese characters and history. Glorious! … [Read more...]

Worshipping Jesus At A Mosque

by Gene Daniels This story displays the power that culture can have to repel converts from the Gospel! Culture is a powerful force, and must be harnessed for spreading the Gospel. This actually reminds me of the work of Sheldon Jackson in Alaska, and the disastrous effects it had on the native cultures he attacked there. The Orthodox, like St. Herman, have a different way. What it's like to follow Christ embedded in Muslim culture. An interview with a Muslim follower of Isa. Can people from other religious traditions genuinely follow Jesus without becoming "Christians"? The question is a point of much dispute within today's missions … [Read more...]

The Triumph of the Church

by St. John Chrysostom How does one prove that Christ is God? We should not try to answer this question by using the argument of the creation of heaven and earth, because the unbeliever will not accept it. If we tell him that He raised the dead, healed the blind, expelled demons, he still will not agree. If we tell him that He promised us resurrection from the dead, the kingdom of heaven, and ineffable goods, not only he will not agree, but also he will laugh at us. How then shall we lead him to the faith, especially when he is not spiritually developed? Surely, we shall do this by resting on truths which are acceptable both to us … [Read more...]

From Baptist to Byzantium: Part One

By James Early Everyone who has converted to Orthodoxy from another tradition has a unique and interesting conversion story. There is no such thing as a “typical” story. Because of this, I cannot claim that my conversion story is all that different from the (non-existent) “typical” story. Nevertheless, after having related my experience dozens of times, I have noticed a recurring reaction: Person after person has told me that my story is “amazing,” “fascinating,” “different,” or some other such adjective (Some of my former missionary colleagues would say “insane,” but more on that later…). Many people have urged me to put the story in … [Read more...]