Italy Home to Fastest Growing Foreign Diocese of Russian Orthodoxy

The head of the administration for Moscow Patriarchate churches abroad Bishop Anthony of Bogorodsk stated in a recent interview with TASS that the Russian Orthodox Church has nearly 900 parishes in foreign countries, the greatest number of which are in Germany and Italy. While the number of parishes in Germany outnumbers those in Italy, “[t]he second largest eparchy abroad of the Russian Orthodox Church is located in Italy. There are nearly seventy parishes and their number is steadily growing,” according to Bp. Anthony, who formally served five years as a parish rector in Italy. “It is one of the most dynamically developing regions … [Read more...]

With One Heart, In One Spirit: Germany’s Only Orthodox Womens Monastery

An Interview with Mother Maria We met Mother Maria (Sidiropoulo), abbess of the only Orthodox convent in Germany, a few years ago in Moscow’s Marfo-Mariinsky Convent of Mercy. On that day, the director and telejournalist from Syktyvkara, Vladimir Krivtsun, was shooting a documentary on Grand Duchess Elizaveta Feodorovna. Imagine our surprise when we found a nun, fluent in Russian, in Pokrovsky Church, who had come from an Orthodox convent not far from Munich. The resourceful Vladimir immediately pointed the camera at her. She became one of the main figures of the film titled Grand Duchess Elizabeth. Now we are meeting with Mother Maria at … [Read more...]