Patriarch Ilia of Georgia to Celebrate 47th Mass Baptism

On December 24, His Holiness Patriarch-Catholicos Ilia II of Georgia will celebrate his forty-seventh mass baptism, reports Blagovest. With the first mass baptism on January 19, 2008, Patriarch Ilia commenced his initiative to help improve the dire demographic situation in Georgia caused by post-Soviet abortion rates. Such mass celebrations are held four times a year in which the primate personally baptizes and becomes the godfather for the third and later children of married Orthodox couples. Patriarch Ilia has been the beloved leader of the Georgian Orthodox Church since the 1970s and is perhaps the most trusted public figure in the … [Read more...]

Georgian Women, Doctors to Build Church as Repentance for Abortions

Georgian Orthodox Church - you're doing it right. It is about time we started doing this, even in a small way, in America. A group of Georgian women who have had abortions and doctors who have performed abortions have decided to build a new church as an act of repentance, reports The group recently met with His Holiness Patriarch-Catholicos Ilia II of Georgia to receive his blessing for their penitential undertaking. He blessed them and wished them luck in building their new church near Tbilisi by the Haddonstone Forest, dedicated to the Holy Trinity. “Under the conditions of the atheistic regime many didn’t comprehend … [Read more...]

700 Children Baptized in Georgia

Children are baptized during a mass baptism ceremony in the town of Mtskheta outside Tbilisi, July 13, 2010. About 700 children were baptized by the Georgian Orthodox church during the 12th mass baptism ceremony led by Patriarch Ilia II. Georgia had a big declining birth rate until Patriarch Iliya said he would personally bless each baby, so now the birthrate is increasing and they are getting blessings and baptisms from the Patriarch! That's a missionary spirit. God bless the Church in Georgia! See more pictures here. Also here. … [Read more...]