The Word “Atonement”

by Fr. Patrick Henry ReardonIn this new video by Theoria , Fr. Pat explains why the word Atonement doesn’t appear much in Orthodox theology, and how we should be using it, and not using it.From Theoria  Atonement … [Read more...]

Expiation, Blood and Atonement

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon Senior Editor of Touchstone Magazine, and archpriest of All Saints Orthodox Church in Chicago, IL, Fr. Patrick is, perhaps, the most erudite writer in the Orthodox Church in North America today. This article, one of his Pastoral Ponderings, was published by Among the biblical concepts supporting St. Paul’s theology of atonement, one of the most important, surely, is that of expiation. What does the Apostle mean when he writes, “God set forth [Jesus Christ] as the expiatory in His blood” (Romans 3:25)? Although this is the only time St. Paul uses the noun hilasterion, I … [Read more...]

The Journey To Antioch: Part Two

by Clifton Healy Despite my best efforts to care for my wife’s spiritual needs as well as to heed the very clear call from God to prioritize faith and discipleship, I frequently failed to accomplish much of either. On 9 February 2003, I was back at All Saints again. And once again, I was confronted with another “St. Anthony moment.” This time it was the Matins Gospel, John 21:15-25. Here I was Peter, being asked of Christ, “Do you love me more than these?” I was not being called to trample on my wife’s sensibilities. I was not called to “go it alone” into the Orthodox Church. But I was called to put Christ first, to focus … [Read more...]