Stumbling into Zion – Part 3

by Fr. John Moses Stumbling into Zion – Peregrination Sometimes, the Celtic saints would make a “peregrination.” This is like a pilgrimage but different because a peregrination had no set destination. The saint would get in his boat, maybe with friends or disciples, and go where ever the wind would take them. This is how a […]

Stumbling into Zion – Part 2

by Fr. John Moses I looked beyond the Christianity. I read the classics of Buddhism and Hinduism. The Beatles certainly played a part in my interest in Hinduism. With my sexualized personality, I studied Tantric Yoga hoping that my “energy” could be channeled into a more holistic lifestyle. While intriguing and challenging, nothing seemed to […]

Stumbling into Zion – The Confessions of a Redneck Priest

by Fr. John Moses A strong testimony of the healing power of Christ and his Church, Fr. John Moses’ story is presented to give hope to those trapped in darkness. “I’d rather you were dead.” I stood in amazement because my mother, who had just spoken those words, clearly did not understand what I was […]