JTO Christmas Appeal

Dear Friends of Journey to Orthodoxy, Christmas is almost upon us, and the New Year right after that. You’ve been doing your work – JTO has been inundated with requests from all over the world from souls who wish to become Orthodox. From right here in the US, to places as far as deep India, […]

20th Anniversary of Divine Liturgy: A Student Study Text

by Fr. John A. Peck This month marks the 20th Anniversary of the publication of my book, DIVINE LITURGY: A Student Study Text This book has been used by students, seminarians, seminary professors, Bible studies, catechumen classes, and many others. In honor of this anniversary, I’ve set a 25% discount on the hardcover version of […]

Rejecting Rapturemania – Get Yours Today

Friends, Many of you have supported Journey to Orthodoxy over these past 5 years, and labored ceaselessly to help others find and make their way to the faith of the Apostles. As you know, many heterodox Christians struggle with strange and confusing doctrines which make it difficult for them to make sense of what the […]

Called To Serve: Chinese Edition Now Available!

It’s finally here! Called To Serve: A Basic Bible Survey For Orthodox Christians is finally available in Chinese, translated by Bede Siaw Hong Phan, in paperback workbook or as an Ebook (PDF) delivered right to your inbox. This is the only Bible survey workbook of the Holy Scriptures containing all of the books of the […]

My Search for the Truth: Part 17

by Tamara Schmerse This is the final installment of Tamara’s delightful story about her journey to the Orthodox faith and it is absolutely captivating. We published it in it’s entirety as a series from her blog, My Search For The Truth. Judging from the responses from you, the readers, it has been well received. Thank […]

My Search For The Truth: Part 2

2: Friends As a child, the rental property next door had many different tenants. For a large chunk of my Primary School years, it was occupied by a very nice family called Robinson, who had children my age and younger. The first memory I have of them is the girl, Sarah, asking me over the […]

My Search For The Truth (And Subsequent Finding Of It): Pt 1

by Tamara Schmerse Part 1 of 17 This delightful story of Tamara’s journey is captivating. I’ve decided to publish it in it’s entirety as a series from her blog, My Search For The Truth. Enjoy this excellent journey, and thank you, Tamara, for allowing us to republish it! My Search For The Truth (And Subsequent […]

It’s About That Time…

Dear friends of Journey To Orthodoxy, Christ is Risen! As many of you know, updating the Journey To Orthodoxy website and keeping up with the correspondence is a time-consuming task. We do our very best to respond to each and every contact quickly, answer questions accurately, and direct inquirers and seekers to local Orthodox clergy […]

JTO Adds New Testimonials Section

Thanks to the faithful support and good suggestions of our readers, Journey To Orthodoxy has added a Testimonials section. Under the “About JTO” tab now can be found a Testimonials page, and a  Submit A Testimonial page for submitting your own words of testimony about JTO. The best advertising is word of mouth, and in […]