JTO Christmas Appeal

Dear Friends of Journey to Orthodoxy, Christmas is almost upon us, and the New Year right after that. You've been doing your work - JTO has been inundated with requests from all over the world from souls who wish to become Orthodox. From right here in the US, to places as far as deep India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Tanzania, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Great Britain, and more, we are having a hard time keeping up with the requests. I'm appealing¬†for your help. You know that JTO relies entirely on the gifts and sacrificial donations by our readers. No church organization or foundation helps us. No council of clergy gives … [Read more...]

20th Anniversary of Divine Liturgy: A Student Study Text

by Fr. John A. Peck This month marks the 20th Anniversary of the publication of my book, DIVINE LITURGY: A Student Study Text This book has been used by students, seminarians, seminary professors, Bible studies, catechumen classes, and many others. In honor of this anniversary, I've set a 25% discount on the hardcover version of the book. That means, instead of paying $35.00 for the hardcover version, you can now get it for only $26.25 - no coupon code is necessary. Obviously, this is a limited time offer, so take advantage of it now. Offer ends this Sunday night! Just click on this link or the image of the Hardcover book above … [Read more...]

Rejecting Rapturemania – Get Yours Today

Friends, Many of you have supported Journey to Orthodoxy over these past 5 years, and labored ceaselessly to help others find and make their way to the faith of the Apostles. As you know, many heterodox Christians struggle with strange and confusing doctrines which make it difficult for them to make sense of what the Bible teaches. No where is this more true than with the doctrine of the Rapture. This contrived idea has become a heresy juggernaut, supplanting the Gospel in many cases. Yes! For some, belief in the Rapture is the decider of your salvation! In other words, in their minds (and they are absolutely convinced!) if you do … [Read more...]

Called To Serve: Chinese Edition Now Available!

It's finally here! Called To Serve: A Basic Bible Survey For Orthodox Christians is finally available in Chinese, translated by Bede Siaw Hong Phan, in paperback workbook or as an Ebook (PDF) delivered right to your inbox. This is the only Bible survey workbook of the Holy Scriptures containing all of the books of the Orthodox Christian Bible and it is now available in the Chinese language. Purchase a Paperback copy by clicking HERE. Purchase the Ebook in PDF format by clicking HERE. For Chinese language speakers who are interested in the Biblical view and content of the Holy Scriptures, no longer will the Bible be an intimidating mass of … [Read more...]