More Orthodox Baptisms in Indonesia

Fr Daniel Byantoro recently served orthodox baptisms for 12 new converts to the Orthodox faith, on March 19th, 2016 in South Jakarta, Indonesia. Glorious apostolic work! Congratulations to the newly illumined warriors of Christ!  More Orthodox Baptisms in Indonesia … [Read more...]

“If Jesus is God – Let My Daughter Be Alive!” Notes on Indonesian Orthodoxy

by Fr. George Maximov What is the Crown Princess of Bali doing in an Orthodox church, why do Russians prefer to confess to Indonesians, and why Orthodoxy is a blessing for Indonesia—these and other themes are discussed in the Indonesian notes of Fr. George Maximov. The first thing that struck me upon landing in Jakarta was how undeveloped the airport was. You didn't have the familiar electronic information boards—you had to walk up to someone who works there and ask them which baggage belt they were unloading luggage from such-and-such a flight on. I was also amazed at the Indonesian practice of gluing large photographs of themselves … [Read more...]

Mission in Bali

by Fr. Aleksander Kobesi This comes to us from the Indonesian Orthodox Church in Bali. You can find the original article here. I and my family are converts to the Orthodox faith. I was born and raised as a Roman Catholic. By the Grace of God, I was ordained to be an Orthodox priest on June, 27th, 2009 in Holy Trinity Church of Solo-Central Java by Metropolitan HILARION. I was assigned by Fr. Daniel Byantoro, with the blessing of His Eminence, to serve the new missionary community in Bali, Indonesia. I am married; my wife’s name is Mary Victory. We have two daughters, Mary Grace, six years old, and Grecent of Myra,two years … [Read more...]

Orthodox Missions among Muslims

by Yurij Maximov It is widely believed that Muslims do not abandon Islam. This widespread opinion is, however, only partly true. It is true that it is difficult to convert Muslims, but it is not so much the difficulty of converting Muslims as it is the scarcity of Christian missions among them that leads us to believe they are hard to convert. Still, if many think that Muslims are difficult to convert to Protestantism or Roman Catholicism, even more would think it impossible to convert Muslims to the Orthodox Faith. This later opinion has its basis in a general lack of knowledge about the missionary labors of the … [Read more...]