The Ancient Apostolic Church

The transformational power of the Ancient Apostolic Church unchanged by Abbot Tryphon In an age when many Christian denominations are trying to appear relevant and modern, I am finding that large numbers of people are drawn to the Ancient Faith by the beard and robe. I am constantly thanked for dressing as I do by […]

Why I’m an Orthodox Christian

OR How I can Prove the Orthodox Christian Church is the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church From the blog “Pious Fabrications” Eventually I plan to do a fuller post on my “conversion story,” explaining how I “found” the Orthodox Church and the process that led me into it. I don’t have the time right now […]

Is Modern-Day Judaism the Successor of the Old Testament Traditions? An Interview with Yevgeny Verner

An Interview with Fr. George Maximov The guest of today’s interview is Yevgeny Verner, actor and producer. As a descendant of an old Jewish family, he came to Christ through Judaism. In his interview to Fr. George, he tells us his story about how the Savior literally called him. He also discusses so-called “national” religions, Cabbala […]

Armenian Muslims Living in Turkey are Returning to Christianity

Armenian Muslims living in Turkey – descendants of the Christians who embraced Islam – are returning to the faith of their fathers in great numbers, reports the Linga news portal. According to the famous Agos Armenian weekly newspaper published in Istanbul, the cases of conversion of Armenian Muslims to Christianity, which are becoming more frequent, […]

Fr. Zakarias Boutros on 44 Contradictions in the Koran

I heartily recommend Fr. Zakarias Boutros’ ministry to muslim inquirers. He has led millions of Muslims to Christ, through his “Truth Talk” television program and vast online ministry. His knowledge of Islam, the Koran, and Muslim sources is second to none. These days, it is important to know where our inquirers are coming from – […]

Two Magicians Baptized Orthodox Christians in Eastern Congo

Thanks to Robert Arakaki for bringing this to our attention, and to Google translate for making it somewhat understandable. He is now called Theophane. After having assisted with the Orthodox Catechism in Bunia, East Congo, he had given us all a great surprise by abandoning all magical practices, that tied him to the devil and […]

Orthodoxy in Small-Town America

by By Xenia Kathryn Tussing  I grew up in a small town on the southern coast of Oregon. My family was Protestant, and after “church-hopping” for most of my early years, my parents settled on attending the local First Presbyterian Church once we moved to Oregon from the South. Although we tithed and were active in […]

VIEWPOINT: In The War Over Christianity, Orthodoxy Is Winning

By Mary Eberstadt Orthodoxy and Orthodox Christian morality for the win. Pay attention, Orthodox Christians. The author is talking about ‘orthodox’ Christianity, not Orthodoxy – as long as Orthodoxy remains orthodox (pardon the pun), there is no limit to our missionary potential in this century. We’re all that’s left. Small wonder, given the harrowing times […]

“Seeing Young Chinese Christian Seekers is the Most Astounding Experience I’ve had in a Long Time.”

This autumn, the Sretensky Monastery choir made a twenty-day tour, visiting Orthodox parishes of the United States. The tour ended… in China—where it had been invited to give two concerts. Although every step these Russians took around the city reminded them of themselves, this land nevertheless remains mysterious and somewhat incomprehensible, wonderful and amazing. The […]

Muslim Converts to Orthodoxy After Witnessing Christian Compassion

The deadly flashflood that killed 152 in southern Russia this month prompted a local adherent of Islam to change religion, an Orthodox Christian priest told RIA Novosti. The Krasnodar region resident was visiting the city of Krymsk, which bore the brunt of the disaster, when the flood hit on July 7, Archpriest Sergei Karpets said. […]