Why Was I Baptised As An Orthodox Christian?

by Serafim Jens Christian Larsen My Chrismation took place just before the beginning of the summer holidays and I was planning for another trip to Romania, with the wish to stay at a Monastery for a longer duration of time. I talked to a member of the Perish, who knew about a father in Bucharest, a very good friend of his, whom he would ask if he could help to arrange for a stay. I also got a letter from my father in the perish, which in English and French confirmed my Orthodoxy in case I would need it to be able to receive the Holy Communion.Before leaving I felt a little insecure, going to another place, not knowing anybody, but it was the … [Read more...]

From Peruvian Paradise To Orthodox Priest

by Fr. Peter Smith Perhaps this journey to Orthodoxy really starts for me as a Roman Catholic college student. The Newman Club was an interesting way to meet "people" [from a college student, you need to read "girls!"] and so I "joined" the Club. Soon, however, there was an instant shock wave through the Newman Club as the priest who was the coordinator and facilitator of the Club, came onto me and tried to "hook up" one evening in the rectory. Well, that hastened a totally unceremonious departure and immediate exit from that entire scene and - believe it or not - started me on the road to the Orthodox Church. … [Read more...]