Never Say “Never” To Jesus: Part One

Another installment of our series on women who become Orthodox without their husbands, this is a powerful story of why one should never say 'never' to Jesus, and that no matter how sinful, demonic, or crazy your past, Jesus has a future for HannahI am an African/Native American woman. Our family were nominal Christians, I attended Catholic schools but we weren't Catholic. Ever since I can remember I was always afraid, I now realize that somewhere in my family history there were occultist and this left the door wide open for me to be oppressed by demons. I also must say my father and mother were divorced, and my mother was in an affair … [Read more...]

Julianna’s Journey: Part Three

The final installment of Julianna's JuliannaBy early 2012, I finally came to the conclusion that it didn’t matter what I agreed or disagreed with in Orthodoxy. Who was I, 2000 years removed from the source, to try and interpret or say what Christianity was? Who was I to say I disagreed with someone that was a disciple of the disciples (as I was reading Holmes’ translation of The Apostolic Fathers). Who was Luther or any of these other guys 1500 years removed from the source to do the same? Furthermore, I had found that even those early Protestant reformers disagreed with me on some of the things that were hard like the title … [Read more...]

Julianna’s Journey: Part Two

Part two of Julianna's Journey, and another addition to our series on women who convert to Orthodoxy without their JuliannaIn the fall of 2010 I was hanging out with my sister-in-law and our girl friends at a Barnes & Noble. She randomly said to all of us,“I’ve been thinking about and reading about the Orthodox Church. I came across it in history with my girls and there’s this book I want to look at.”She went and found the book and brought it back. Her family had been trying to figure out church for themselves too. She was attracted to the beautiful pictures of Orthodox church which she showed us in this history of the church … [Read more...]

Julianna’s Journey: Part One

More entries on our series for women who convert to Orthodoxy without their husbands. by JuliannaI grew up in a family that didn’t really practice any religion. My father had grown up in the Roman Catholic Church and left as a teenager. My mother had grown up in the Southern Baptist tradition, but from a very young age in a family full of difficulties had decided she didn’t believe in God. So my parents raised me to be a very free thinker, but we would go to occasional church services from time to time. As a small child I remember being in AWANAs for a time due to my parents’ then circle of friends and we would sometimes go to the Catholic … [Read more...]