Russia: Authorities Seek To Convert Beslan’s Muslims

By Paul Goble North Ossetian officials have sought to increase supervision of Muslim organizations in the year since the Beslan tragedy. In the year since the Beslan tragedy, North Ossetian security officials have sought to close down all independent Muslim organizations there, a campaign that has caused at least some members of historically Islamic nationalities to announce their conversion to Orthodox Christianity. Tartu, 6 September -- Prior to the terrorist attack, 70 percent of the residents of Beslan considered themselves Muslims, according to a report in "Nasha versiya" this week. This report is somewhat … [Read more...]

From Baptist To Boznia To Byzantium

An Interview with Fr. James Early Originally posted on the Byzantine Texas blogsite, this interview is an excellent introduction to Fr. James' story and conversion, which we will be publishing shortly in serial format here at JTO!   What prompted you to write the book? First, several people who had heard me tell my conversion story suggested that I write a book about it, since my story is so unusual. I resisted for quite some time, but finally decided to give in! Second, I had always been frustrated by (usually due to lack of time) not being able to completely explain the various reasons why my wife and I chose to … [Read more...]

New Zealand’s Maori Convert To Orthodoxy

The indigenous Maori people in New Zealand are converting to Orthodoxy under the influence of Russian immigrants, the diocese in Russia's Urals said on Monday, citing a Russian emigre. According to a letter sent to relatives in the Urals by a Russian woman who married a student from New Zealand, Russian immigrants "maintain Russian traditions in every house." "Seeing the example of Russian immigrants, many indigenous New Zealanders convert to Orthodoxy," the woman wrote, as quoted by the diocese of Yekaterinburg. "They baptize their children and give them Russian (Orthodox) names." The number of Russian immigrants to New … [Read more...]

Antiochian Church Active in Central America

The Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Mexico, Venezuela, Central America and the Caribbean — Iglesia Ortodoxa Antiquena, Arquidiócesis de México, Venezuela, Centro América y el Caribe — is quite busy in the Lord’s work as a look at this new You Tube video demonstrates. Included are a number of parishes and monasteries in Mexico, Venezuela, Honduras and Guatemala: For those wanting to practice their Spanish, take a look at this Spanish Orthodox prayer book or listen to recordings of Orthodox liturgical services in Spanish (at this page, just click on the icon of the service: such as “Partituras de Divina Liturgia” or … [Read more...]