From Emergent Church To Eastern Orthodox: Part 1

by Jason Zahariades I’ve always been searching, even when I didn’t have words to express what I was looking for. Meeting Jesus and becoming his apprentice answered the deepest parts of my questing heart. And following God’s calling into professional ministry for over fourteen years provided wonderful opportunities to fulfill that search. Yet through it all, I have always felt God calling me to journey deeper and to explore his kingdom. So here I am, standing on the threshold of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Ironically, all of my adult education and professional experience have brought me to this place — a place where all of my adult … [Read more...]


A Word to the Fore I found this article on a site I look at from time to time. It is from a heterodox source, but I confess that this is one of the serious issues facing Orthodox missions - that of homogenia, or homogenous faith communities. While it worked well enough in the Old World, and for immigrants for a time, the truth is that, in my opinion, it is the greatest single barrier to Church planting in American Orthodoxy, second only to worshipping in an incomprehensible, dead language (bon jour). by Dustin Neeley Good Guys, Bad Guys Yes or no? Black or white? Football or Polo? Most of us prefer a world in … [Read more...]

Mission in Bali

by Fr. Aleksander Kobesi This comes to us from the Indonesian Orthodox Church in Bali. You can find the original article here. I and my family are converts to the Orthodox faith. I was born and raised as a Roman Catholic. By the Grace of God, I was ordained to be an Orthodox priest on June, 27th, 2009 in Holy Trinity Church of Solo-Central Java by Metropolitan HILARION. I was assigned by Fr. Daniel Byantoro, with the blessing of His Eminence, to serve the new missionary community in Bali, Indonesia. I am married; my wife’s name is Mary Victory. We have two daughters, Mary Grace, six years old, and Grecent of Myra,two years … [Read more...]

Communicating Love Without Words

by Andreas Houpas I received this from the Lord, I Have Cried Unto Thee blog. It is a fantastic testament to the dynamic and vibrant Church in Korea. Thanks Andreas! Earlier this year, my wife, along with a (very) small team from the Orthodox Christian Mission Center, traveled to South Korea to participate in a summer camp held by the Metropolis of Korea. The following short article is her account of that trip and has been published for some time now on the OCMC website, but it was also printed in the latest edition of the Orthodox Observer. A small disclaimer: My wife was shy about having this published, because when she submitted … [Read more...]