Mass Baptism of Foreigners and Migrants in Phthiotis, Greece

Now THAT is a baptismal procession! The Phthiotis Diocese of the Greek Orthodox Church has, in a mass baptism, baptized thirteen graduates of its diocesan catechetical school for foreigners and migrants, reports Romfea. The service of illumination and union with Christ was celebrated by Metropolitan Nicholas of Phthiotis in the presence of friends and family of the newly-baptized, in the Church of St. Paraskeva in Lamia. The number of the baptized has reached 394, demonstrating the effective pastoral work of the metropolis’ catechetical school. Those catechized come to the sacrament of regeneration with full knowledge, and respect and … [Read more...]

More than 100 Baptisms Celebrated in Siberian Village

If they can do it, we can do it - YOU can do it. Have you supported Orthodox missionary outreach work lately? Click HERE to do so now. Two Orthodox priests recently visited the Siberian village of Essey in the Evenkia district, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, celebrating 120 Baptisms, according to Evenkia authorities. The priests also blessed a kindergarten, middle school, and the future construction site of a new church. “The northernmost village of Evenkia—Essey—was visited by representatives of the Orthodox Church: the dean of Evenkia and rector of Holy Trinity Church Fr. Dimitry, and the rector of St. Michael’s Church Fr. Sergei. Within … [Read more...]

Patriarch Ilia of Georgia to Celebrate 47th Mass Baptism

On December 24, His Holiness Patriarch-Catholicos Ilia II of Georgia will celebrate his forty-seventh mass baptism, reports Blagovest. With the first mass baptism on January 19, 2008, Patriarch Ilia commenced his initiative to help improve the dire demographic situation in Georgia caused by post-Soviet abortion rates. Such mass celebrations are held four times a year in which the primate personally baptizes and becomes the godfather for the third and later children of married Orthodox couples. Patriarch Ilia has been the beloved leader of the Georgian Orthodox Church since the 1970s and is perhaps the most trusted public figure in the … [Read more...]

Mass Baptism of 118 Souls in Rwanda

"All you who have been baptized into Christ, have put on Christ, Allelua"... "Mwebwe mwese ababatijwe muri Kristo, mwambaye Kristo, Aleluya". Through the blessing of His Beatitude Theodoros II, the Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa; and through the prayers of Orthodox faithfuls worldwide, on 11th September 2016, One Hundred and Eighteen (118) people have been baptized in Rwanda. His Grace Innocentios the Spiritual Father and Bishop of Orthodox Diocese of Burundi and Rwanda is exceedingly overjoyed for thirsty souls to orthodoxy since the beginning of His mission work in 2012. After baptism and divine liturgy, there was a … [Read more...]