Why Would a Protestant Convert to Eastern Orthodox Christianity?

And this is where it began to get real.

Church As Place Of Mystery And Revelation

Very soon, after my second or third communion, I realized that I was beginning to experience as realities what I had taken to be colorful imagery. the divine energies present in the mystery of the Eucharist open within us a capacity to see, or to sense, spiritual realities to which we were insensible. That sentence is a myth for those without the experience; a reality for those who have it.

OrthodoxHistory.org: Author & Hollywood screenwriter Elliot Paul converts to Orthodoxy

On March 5, 1958, the New York Times ran the following article: AUTHOR ADOPTS FAITH Elliot Paul, in Hospital, Joins Greek Orthodox Church PROVIDENCE, R.I., March 4 (AP) — Elliot Paul, author, became a member of the Greek Eastern Orthodox Church today in bedside ceremonies at the Veterans Administration Hospital here. Mr. Paul is seriously […]

Wall Street Broker Dons Cassock & Sandals

A former Wall Street broker has swapped Manhattan for a monastery in Bulgaria to become an Orthodox monk. Hristo Mishkov, 32, had a successful career as a broker on the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York until he decided to give it all up to return to his native Bulgaria. Exchanging tailored suits and expensive […]