A Thinking Man’s Faith

by Benedict Seraphim One does not normally associate theoretical or intellectual rigor with Orthodoxy. By that I don’t mean that Orthodoxy is incoherent, or doesn’t stand up to rigorous philosophical inquiry. After all, among the most brilliant of thinkers in the history of the Church are the Cappadocians, St. Maximus, and St. Gregory Palamas (who, […]

On The Sunday Before Ash Wednesday

by the Tregarthen Family Our conversion to Orthodoxy began in about 1997, when my wife met Tristram Englehardt, Jr. at a conference… He was there because of his position in the Department of Philosophy at Baylor. Tris is also a surgeon and a member of the medical school faculty at Baylor. In addition to all […]

Ten Years Later…Fr. Bill Olnhausen’s Story

Would I do it all over again? Yes! Yes! Yes! These past ten years in Orthodoxy have been the best and happiest and most fulfilling of my life.

Incarnational Approach in Indonesia

An Interview with Fr.Dionysios (Rm.Dionisius Surya Halim) and his presbytera Artemia Rita: Orthodoxy was first established in Indonesia in Batavia, Java as a parish of the Harbin Diocese in accordance with the Ukase of the Harbin Diocesan Council of November 23, 1934. In the late 1940’s, the parish was under the omophorion of Archbishop Tikhon […]

The Orthodox Experience from the British Isles

As an Orthodox Christian and a priest, the most important thing or aspect of Orthodoxy that has modified my life is the discovery of the texts of prayer of the Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Church has a very rich and active literature that is prayed. Therefore, when we read the prayers of the Church, the verses of the Canons, Orthos, Hours etc, have the power to modify our lives. Being an Orthodox Christian opens us up and immerses us in a wealth of prayer that brings us closer to God.

To Convert or Not To Convert?

No priestly act is of more far-reaching consequence than a conversion to Orthodoxy. Throughout the Christian era the Orthodox Church has been exposed to constant oppression and frequent massacres. Yet no Orthodox Christian ever worried about the survival of the Orthodox Church. Therefore the survival of the Orthodox Church does not depend on numbers, but solely on the intensity of our Orthodox commitment.

The Willard Preacher

by Gary Cattell This is the first hand account of the Gary Cattell, The Willard Preacher, an Orthodox Christian street preacher who preached the Gospel at Pennsylvania State University, in front of Willard Hall. I’ve been a ‘fan’ of his for some time, and I’m very happy to be able to publish his story. Growing […]

My Journey To Orthodoxy

by Kevin Allen Kevin is the award winning host of the radio program “The Illumined Heart,” and won the Best Podcast/Internet Radio Show once again! Congratulations Kevin on a well deserved award. For you, our JTO readers, we offer Kevin’s own conversion story. Enjoy! I began my spiritual journey in eastern religion – specifically Hinduism. […]

Keep JTO Reaching Out

Since going live just a few months ago, Journey To Orthodoxy has reached thousands seeking the Orthodox faith from all over the world. We’re looking for Pathfinders, Trailblazers, Champions & Heralds to help us keep JTO flying high on the internet. Even in these tough and uncertain times, a multitude are seeking the faith “Once […]

From Protestant Evangelical To Orthodox

by Fr. Gregory Rogers Perhaps I have always been spiritually hungry. Growing up in a devoted Christian home, I do not remember ever not believing in Christ, or wanting in my heart of hearts to follow him and do His will. Not that I have been able to fulfill it in every moment, but the […]