A Thinking Man’s Faith

by Benedict Seraphim One does not normally associate theoretical or intellectual rigor with Orthodoxy. By that I don’t mean that Orthodoxy is incoherent, or doesn’t stand up to rigorous philosophical inquiry. After all, among the most brilliant of thinkers in the history of the Church are the Cappadocians, St. Maximus, and St. Gregory Palamas (who, I hasten to say aren’t Orthodoxy’s unique property, but are nonetheless integral to Orthodoxy in the way St. Augustine is to the West). But Orthodoxy is not a tight, architectonic system like Calvinism, nor does it have the sort of Aristotelian philosophical grid that Roman Catholicism … [Read more...]

On The Sunday Before Ash Wednesday

by the Tregarthen Family Our conversion to Orthodoxy began in about 1997, when my wife met Tristram Englehardt, Jr. at a conference... He was there because of his position in the Department of Philosophy at Baylor. Tris is also a surgeon and a member of the medical school faculty at Baylor. In addition to all that, he is a tonsured reader in his church. He spoke at length about Orthodoxy with my wife and sent her a great deal of reading material. I became interested in Orthodoxy as a result of conversations with my wife about her talks with Tris. I met him at a later conference. … [Read more...]

Ten Years Later…Fr. Bill Olnhausen’s Story

by Fr. Bill Olnhausen A convert from the Anglican tradition , Fr. Bill recently celebrated 20 years as an Orthodox Christian. In honor of that glorious occasion, we are reprinting his "ten year" look back at his conversion to the Orthodox faith. What I hoped to find in the Orthodox Church I was seeking stability in the faith. I sought the Church that St. Irenaeus had described, which "carefully preserves" apostolic teachings and "proclaims them and teaches them and hands them down with perfect harmony", throughout the world and from generation to generation. By process of elimination, I had concluded that only the Orthodox Church fit … [Read more...]

Incarnational Approach in Indonesia

An Interview with Fr.Dionysios (Rm.Dionisius Surya Halim) and his presbytera Artemia Rita: Orthodoxy was first established in Indonesia in Batavia, Java as a parish of the Harbin Diocese in accordance with the Ukase of the Harbin Diocesan Council of November 23, 1934. In the late 1940's, the parish was under the omophorion of Archbishop Tikhon of San Francisco. Unfortunately, after the Dutch relinquished their powers to the local leadership, many of the Russian parishioners have already fled during this period of civil unrest, and eventually the parish closed in the early 1950s, when its rector Fr Vasily immigrated to the USA. The following … [Read more...]