The Word’s First Self-Propelled Boat Church

Orthodoxy is not only ‘on track,’ but is ‘riding the wave’ of opportunity!

No matter what religion you follow, praying always means going to the holy shrine and worshiping the almighty. But, here is a place of worship that doesn’t await the devotees, instead it itself goes to the worshipers.

The Prince Saint Vladimir is basically an old boat converted into a floating church that could make the sacred relics on board accessible to people in remote areas along the Volga River.

This isn’t the world’s first floating church, communities living on water have built plenty of them all around the world, but the Prince Saint Vladimir (named after the saint who baptized Russia) is the world’s first self-propelled chapel boat. Built back in 2004, the unique church was designed to reach even the shallowest waters, so that all the people of the Volvograd region could have access to a church and priest. There were two other similar churches built before, but because they were practically converted barges, they could only be moved by tugboats. The Prince Saint Vladimir is, however, a self-propelled craft.

On September 13, 2010, the great river voyage of the Prince Saint Vladimir began. The floating church will travel around 3,000 kilometers along the shores of the Volga, from the river mouth, all the way to Moscow. It will make stops in both cities and small communities along the shores, allowing people access to relics of eight great saints from the era of the Undivided Church. Its voyage will take the sacred ship to areas that have suffered from drought and terrible wildfires, and the Russian Church hopes it will bring comfort to locals.

Along with the captain and ship crew, a priest will be on board the Prince Saint Vladimir at all times, and he will celebrate the Sacred Liturgy at every stop.

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Source:  Oddity Central


  1. Oh my goodness! I am speechless. This is awesome!

  2. Now I thought the church train was cool, but the boat? Wow! However, I’m not entirely sure it is the “first.” Didn’t Christ himself preach from a boat? Now that I’d say would be the first 🙂

  3. The Holy Spirit is definitely working in Russia! These kinds of decisions have to be being made at a high ecclesiasticl level to get them launched (pun intended). I’m very impressed!

  4. That is why the title is the first ‘self-propelled’ church. The Russians have a long tradition of chapels by boat, but this one is in a category all its own!

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