From Russia With Love

by Gary Summers I will build my church and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16:18  My journey to Orthodoxy began about 12 years ago in St Petersburg, Russia.  My wife and I were there in the process of adopting two children when I toured the ancient Orthodox cathedral of St Isaac's.  I was impressed and gazed in awe at all the icons of Jesus Christ, His Mother and the saints.  While there, I also noticed a group of Russian soldiers touring the church.  "What was this!?  I thought Russia was a godless, atheist, communist country?"  There was also an icon in the apartment where we stayed.  It seemed to become for … [Read more...]

The Never-Changing Faith In An Ever-Changing World

by Sean Alexander This is the first of several 'journey' stories of members of Holy Cross Church in Williamsport, PA. My journey to Orthodoxy began at a young age.  I was greatly influenced by my grandmother who would watch us from time to time and sing songs like "Rock of Ages" and "My Cup is Full and Overflowing."  We attended the local Methodist Church every Sunday, and we always attended as a family. I continued to attend the Methodist Church until 1993 when I married Hayln.  We started to attend the Baptist church she had been attending.  In the spring of 1994, shortly after I graduated, we moved.  And over the next ten years, … [Read more...]

St. Tikhon’s Students Share Conversion Stories at Local Parish

These stories have power! Recently, representatives from the student body shared their conversion stories with the faithful of Holy Cross Orthodox Church in Williamsport, PA at the invitation of St. Tikhon’s Alumnus and adjunct faculty member the V. Rev. Daniel Kovalak (STOTS 1974). Fr. Martin Watt, Alexis Baldwin, and Jessie Dominick, along with members of the local community in Williamsport, all shared stories of their journey to the Orthodox faith. These stories will eventually be included on the Holy Cross Orthodox Church website in the section entitled “Journeys to Orthodoxy.” Source … [Read more...]