The Mother of God Appears to Vietnamese Woman in Coma, who then Converts to Orthodoxy

Fr. George Maximov, a Moscow priest who often serves on missionary trips throughout Asia, has posted on his Facebook page the words of a Vietnamese woman who converted to Orthodoxy after the Mother of God appeared to her. The woman, Nguyen Thi Mai Anh, a former Buddhist living and working in V?ng Tàu, Vietnam, was baptized into Holy Orthodoxy on Holy Saturday this year. She writes of “something incredible” happening in her life about a year ago: “I was lying in a coma in the hospital. During this time I saw a radiance, a bright light, and directly in front of me appeared the Virgin Mary Theotokos. She handed me a bottle of water and gave me … [Read more...]

Missionary Logic: Too Little, Too Late

by Fr. Barnabas Powell “Jack” was a missionary to Ethiopia providing free education, but his subtler task was to convert the locals from the ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Church to his modern form of American Christianity. There was just one problem. He found himself drawn to the beauty of the faith that the apostles brought to his mission field two millennia ag The last straw in his growing realization that he was on the wrong side of proselytizing came through an incident involving another missionary. Jack’s group runs summer camps for children whose parents can’t afford school, but there’s a hidden cost to this gift. At camp, … [Read more...]

Convert From Protestantism Embraces The Theotokos

The following inspirational testimonial was written by a friend of John Sanidopoulos, the author of the Mystagogy blog (one of our all time favorites). This friend recently converted to Orthodoxy from Protestantism, and is featured here in the hopes of inspiring all to embrace the Theotokos, with or without hesitation. I was raised Southern Baptist and even graduated from one of their seminaries. I had been taught to view Christianity, well specifically the elements that were not mentioned in the Bible, as examples of the paganization of Christianity. I viewed everything through the von Harnackian prism whereby Christianity … [Read more...]