My Search for the Truth: Part 17

by Tamara Schmerse This is the final installment of Tamara's delightful story about her journey to the Orthodox faith and it is absolutely captivating. We published it in it’s entirety as a series from her blog, My Search For The Truth. Judging from the responses from you, the readers, it has been well received. Thank you for your patience in awaiting the full story. Journey To Orthodoxy appreciates what it takes to put one's story down for others to read it. It is powerful, valuable and irreplaceable for anyone looking themselves at Orthodoxy as the only undiluted, unpolluted, pure form of Apostolic Christianity which exists. These things … [Read more...]

My Search For The Truth: Part 16

by Tamara Schmerse Part 16 of 17. 16: Roman Catholicism In the lead-up to Reformation Day, my beloved History Channel had been screening many Lutheran documentaries, and now that it had passed, they were now, for better or worse, focusing on the Roman Catholic Church. I watched shows for and against, and ironically, it was a series on the Spanish Inquisition that first set off a spark in me that slowly grew into glowing embers. The documentaries were intended to show the brutal cruelty of the Roman Catholic Church, and the horrors that they have committed over the years. But, ever the counter-balance, I reasoned within myself that if … [Read more...]

My Search For The Truth: Part 15

by Tamara Schmerse Part 15 of 17. 15: Lutheranism And so there I was again, sitting in between my computer, my Bibles and my Foxtel remote, with no idea of how to proceed further in my search for the Truth. I looked back over my previous few months: I had studied with Jews, and come to the conclusion that the Messiahship of Jesus of Nazareth was not negotiable. I had studied with Muslims, and decided that Mohammed had gone off on the wrong tangent. So, Christianity it was then. But I was hurt by Evangelical Protestantism, disillusioned by “traditional” churches, and discombobulated by breakaway groups. Christianity in 2010 was a mess. … [Read more...]

My Search For The Truth: Part 14

by Tamara Schmerse Part 14 of 17. 14: Islam While I had been sniffing around the website, I could not help but notice the next most populous group. 1.5 billion people in the world followed the teachings of Islam. And while I had been brought up to believe that the reason their religion was growing so fast was because they converted people – usually whole countries at a time – with a gun to the temple and a gruff “Accept Islam or die!” – I had been through enough eye-opening experiences over the previous year with my search through other odd religious groups that I wondered if my preconceived notions about Muslims had been … [Read more...]