Apostolic Zeal: Founder of Three Churches Lives in a Hole in the Ground

The next time you wonder how you will build a church, take heart of this excellent example! Note also this article on the same. With God all things really are possible. Elder Joel, from Preu?e?ti, Suceava of Rumania is a true example of humility for those around him. Albeit the founder of three churches, he himself lives in an extremely humble abode. Comforts and material goods never mattered to 83-year-old father Joel. He has never even given a thought to abandoning the "hut" that he himself had dug in the ground. To build the churches, Fr. Joel had run tirelessly in order to collect donations. "I dug out the hut, and for 2 years … [Read more...]

An Evangelical Missionary Smitten With Orthodoxy

by Fr. David Hudson Not long after I arrived in Romania as an evangelical missionary in 1993, an Evangelical pastor with whom I was working said to me, "You think you came to Romania to do something for God, but perhaps He wants to do something for you". It was true that I was on a pilgrimage that had started when I was a child with an unusual thirst for spiritual things, but I really did not expect my searching to come to an end in Romania. I was raised in the conservative Wesleyan movement, and baptized at the age of 8. Even as a child I was willing to stand alone for my religious convictions, and I strove to live a consistent … [Read more...]