Church As Place Of Mystery And Revelation

Very soon, after my second or third communion, I realized that I was beginning to experience as realities what I had taken to be colorful imagery. the divine energies present in the mystery of the Eucharist open within us a capacity to see, or to sense, spiritual realities to which we were insensible. That sentence is a myth for those without the experience; a reality for those who have it.

Orthodox Mission Comes To The Felicianas

The Orthodox view church as a hospital for a sick soul, where you receive medicine, where you receive healing. … This is one place where it’s OK not to be OK.

What’s So Appealing About Orthodoxy?

by Rod Dreher In his 18 years as a professional journalist, including serving as chief film critic for the New York Post and an editor at National Review, Rod Dreher has established himself as one of the most interesting commentators of his generation. His writing about religion, politics, film and culture have appeared in both […]

Crunchy Con’s Conversion Crisis

by Rod Dreher Orthodoxy and Me I apologize for this very long post, but it’s time to clear something up: yes, I am now a communicant of the Orthodox Church, and have been (along with my family) for a couple of months. I did not intend to make this public until the end of this […]