Church As Place Of Mystery And Revelation

By Rod Dreher Today in our mission parish, St. John the Theologian, we had our first infant baptism. It was a beautiful, rich ceremony. That’s my wife Julie on the far left; she is Baby Anna Rose’s godmother. Anna Rose’s mom is in the center. After the liturgy, we all retired to the church hall to have refreshments (remind me to post sometime Julie’s recipe for Meyer lemon buttermilk pudding cake). We had a friendly Protestant visitor from Baton Rouge up this morning, checking out how the Orthodox have church, and a couple of us ended up in a pleasant theological discussion with him. We got to talking at one point about whether or not it … [Read more...]

Orthodox Mission Comes To The Felicianas

By George Morris About nine years ago, Shannon Tilley, of St. Francisville, was becoming discontent with Southern Baptist churches. Praise choruses were replacing familiar hymns. “That wasn’t me,” he said. “If this is the church, why would it change at all?” Members of Tilley’s Bible study group began digging into church history. The search for authentic, old-time religion took them to a place they didn’t expect — Orthodoxy. Now, remarkably, there is a Russian Orthodox mission in West Feliciana Parish. Since January, St. John the Theologian Orthodox Mission has been holding Sunday liturgy and almost daily vespers … [Read more...]

What’s So Appealing About Orthodoxy?

by Rod Dreher In his 18 years as a professional journalist, including serving as chief film critic for the New York Post and an editor at National Review, Rod Dreher has established himself as one of the most interesting commentators of his generation. His writing about religion, politics, film and culture have appeared in both National Review and National Review Online, The Weekly Standard, The Wall Street Journal, Touchstone, Men’s Health, the Los Angeles Times, among other publications. He is currently a columnist at The Dallas Morning News. Rod’s commentaries have been broadcast on National Public Radio’s All Things … [Read more...]

Crunchy Con’s Conversion Crisis

by Rod Dreher Orthodoxy and Me I apologize for this very long post, but it's time to clear something up: yes, I am now a communicant of the Orthodox Church, and have been (along with my family) for a couple of months. I did not intend to make this public until the end of this month, to honor a personal and professional obligation that, the violation of which stood to hurt some innocent people. This is why I've taken care since the day I entered Orthodoxy not to claim I am Catholic in writings here, and not to rise to the bait of certain people in the comboxes who have demanded that I declare myself. Though I've wanted to get this … [Read more...]