In Honor of St. Nicholas, the Great Procession of Velikoretskoe

This year the pilgrimage in conjunction with the presence of the relics of St. Nicholas from Bari. On Thursday, June 8, one of the largest processions in Russia - indeed a real pilgrimage - was completed, the "Veliko-Peoplesko-Russian, or pan-Russian procession", to a village in the north of the country. This year the procession was solemnized by the special participation of the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill (Gundjaev). The pilgrimage traditionally takes place from June 3 to 8, and the main celebrations take place on June 5 and 6 at the Velikaja river (the "Great River") and in the churches of the monastery of St. Trifone … [Read more...]

Orthodox Priest Starts Biker’s Procession in Irkutsk

How did I miss this one? (I've always wanted a hog) Four years ago in Irkutsk was the first procession on motorcycles. It was initiated by the abbot of St. Alexander Nevsky Church Father Mark. Then the father, Mark did not dare to sit behind the wheel in a cassock "iron horse" and would prefer to be a passenger. But later still bought the bike and became a full member of the biker movement in Irkutsk. "The Insider" priest The one who often looks at the Alexander Nevsky church, motorcycles at the main entrance is surprised. Under a plaque "In Memory of motorcyclists killed" women discuss their problems in life, not paying attention … [Read more...]