From Irish Soldier to Orthodox Priest

By Christos Mouzeviris Father Thomas Carroll is a 70-year-old priest in Dublin, Ireland. He grew up rural county Tipperary, in a family with strong military ties. His father fought in Gallipoli, while his great uncle was at the battle of Thessalonica during the first World War. Growing up in a Catholic secondary school, he felt […]

“I Ran Out of the Catholic Church, Vowing Never to Return”

An Interview with Fr. Sergius Labunsky, a former Roman Catholic We continue to publish the materials of Spas TV program My Path To God where Priest George Maximov interviews people who converted to Orthodoxy after searching for the truth for a long time. Today the guest of Father George’s program is Priest Sergius Labunsky. His […]

The Most Important Thing that Protestants Receive in Orthodoxy

An interview with Fr. Igor Zyryanov by Fr. George Maximov From our good friends at, the guest of today’s program is Priest Igor Zyryanov. He started his journey to God in his early youth, but initially this path led him past the Church. He was a Protestant for 18 years, 12 of which he […]

Patriarch Kirill sends a priest to Paraguay Capital for its only Orthodox Church

Patriarch Kirill sends Paraguay its own priest. He was sent by the decision of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia for giving pastoral care to the community of the Protection Church, press service of the Synodal Department for Church, Society and Media Relations reports. The priest celebrated a liturgy there and talked to the […]

New State Museum Named for Orthodox Priest Opens in Juneau, Alaska

The writer evidently ‘forgot’ to mention that Andrew Kashevaroff was an Alaskan Orthodox priest, or that the current bishop of Alaska, Bishop David of Sitka and All Alaska, gave the invocation. May Fr. Andrew’s memory be eternal! by James Brooks After 12 years and about $140 million in development, Alaska has a new state museum. […]

Odessa Priest Becomes Ukraine Powerlifting Champion

We congratulate Fr. Viktor on his many herculean powerlifting accomplishments, and republish here to remind us all – Orthodoxy is not for sissies. The rector of the Dormition Church in the village of Chervonoarmeyskoye in the Odessa Region, Fr. Viktor Kochmar has won two gold medals in the Ukrainian powerlifting championship. Over 300 athletes participated […]

In His Own Words: “Do Not Fight, but Do Not Give Up”

by Anna Danilova Actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa who starred in the movie “Priest-San: Samurai’s Confession” accepted baptism in the Russian Orthodox Church. The sacrament was performed by Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk. The newly-baptized man received the name of Panteleimon. The actor also stated earlier that he was going to take Russian citizenship. Mr. Tagawa described his […]

First Chinese Priest Ordained by Russian Orthodox Church in the last 60 years

Yu Shi, a former banker and devout Orthodox Christian in China, was sent to study Orthodox theology in Russia in 2012. Later this year, he is expected to be the first Chinese priest ordained by Russian Orthodox Church to be recognized by the Chinese government. He will serve in Harbin, Helongjiang Province in the Holy […]

Chaplain Runs Marathon In Cassock

File this under: Priests: Only Men Need Apply “I wanted to show that the Church always lived with its people and was present at all events: from public events to sports. That’s why I took part in this marathon. I could see that the people liked it: whenever I was running, I was applauded more […]

Orthodox Priest Starts Biker’s Procession in Irkutsk

How did I miss this one? (I’ve always wanted a hog) Four years ago in Irkutsk was the first procession on motorcycles. It was initiated by the abbot of St. Alexander Nevsky Church Father Mark. Then the father, Mark did not dare to sit behind the wheel in a cassock “iron horse” and would prefer […]