Wisdom, Philosophy, and the Event of Christ: An Interview with Nicholas Smith

by Tudor Petcu Another in a series of interviews with Orthodox converts, Tudor Petcu today interviews Nicholas Smith.  1.) I would like to begin our dialogue by taking into account the similarities between philosophy and Orthodoxy given the fact that is much easier talking about their differences as worldviews. What would be from your point of view the main purpose of these two ways of living, both of them focused on the idea of "wisdom"? Orthodoxy has a unique and tempestuous relationship with philosophy. One could say Orthodoxy is only Orthodox in as much as it refuses to be reduced into one particular philosophy, but that does not mean … [Read more...]

The Philosophical Road to Orthodoxy

by Tudor PetcuTudor Petcu is a Romanian writer, graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, Romania. He has published a number of articles related to philosophy and theology in different cultural and academic journals. His work focuses on the evolution of Orthodox spirituality in Western societies as well and he is going to publish a book of interviews with Westerners converted to Orthodoxy. In this article, he interviews Rico Vitz, Professor and Chair of the Departmnet of Philosophy at Azusa Pacific University.Tudor Petcu: At the beginning of this dialogue, I would be very pleased if you could describe to us how you … [Read more...]